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for My Girlfriend Is A Model

6/18/2018 c3 15FenreldStormblade
Why did you have to include Mira... it was good without adding another girl...
10/10/2017 c4 2Meaningless Us3rname
Best Jenny Reallight story
7/30/2017 c5 Guest
Wtf happened to June 20th uh?
1/17/2017 c3 A
Try proofreading...Good job By the way
11/25/2016 c5 Zapster45
please update
5/26/2016 c5 FanficReaderDragneel22
Please update
4/6/2016 c4 FanficReaderDragneel22
UPDATE THIS STORY #1 in my favorite list
4/6/2016 c4 FanficReaderDragneel22
ALERT ALERT there's only one thing this fanfiction needs LEMONS LEMONS
12/31/2015 c4 Shadow Dragmon
Hi I'm shadow and I just want to say this story is good I love it and can't wait for the next chapter and feel free to take time for the story I'm only saying this cause I hate people who rush the writer of a story I mean you guys and girls have lives to. Anyways like I said your story is amazing. Got to go Bye
-Shadow Dragmon
12/31/2015 c4 uzuuchi007
12/30/2015 c4 2DdraigTrueEmperor9
This Chapter was to make Sure Natsu love his two Mates and they love Him but had to be dificult to have two of the Hottest and Sexiest Women in Fiore as Mates that like Exotic things as they are models is fun to read about Mira and Jenny still had discussin for little things since they are rivals/friends still annoy each other. for their Vacation they could Go to a Acuarion it would be fun to read about then holding Happy back from jumping in the tanks to eat the fish or maybe they can go to the Water park and as final enjoy a romatinc date in a restaurant in Crocus but that is just my opinion. Keep the Good Work. Till the New Update.
Have a Happy New Year.
12/30/2015 c4 LordPublisher
They are gonna get the D!?
12/30/2015 c4 StrongGuy159
Cool story continue please.
12/9/2015 c3 BlackDragonShinigami
i like how the went from 0-100 real quick. amazing story btw
11/21/2015 c3 edu
me gusto
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