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5/15 c55 Leggo16
Updaaaaate please
5/12 c25 Guest
yea this is a bit to over the top for me
4/29 c56 Forever Rahhel
Glad to have seen two new chapters after my hiatus of reading fanfiction. There certainly is a quality difference between the latest two chapters and earlier ones. Take your time to recharge and don't rush it. It's always a pleasure to read something new from you.

Keep it up.
4/12 c7 Nyx028
Its been a few chapters, so wth is Dumbledore doing about the Sirius case?!
4/12 c7 Nyx028
Its been a few chapters, so wth is Dumbledore doing about the Sirius case?!
3/24 c23 fatandsquat
"Y-yes my readers, i assure you that Sirius buying playwitch mansion is vital to the story, very important, just like the role of Hermione"
3/24 c56 Son of Vesta 16 - 2nd Account
Don't be so hard on yourself, this story was simply amazing! A brilliant read, and it kept me busy and entertained for quite a few months. For anyone who hasn't read this story yet, they definitely should! This is an incredibly unique story with so many different parts, and some themes which might become a cliché in the future, because of this story!

So yea, thank you VERY VERY much for writing this story. I dearly hope that this story will one day resurface, and if not, I am still astounded by how good this story actually is. Really, the best read I've had in a while.


- No. 16
3/22 c22 TBWL713
This story started out so perfect. It was unique and well thought out. It seems that you ran out of content in regards to Harry's abilities. He could have been called away constantly to help the Aurors or the Goblins to help identify artefacts. You made such a good Harry and Dumbledore relationship, they could have investigated his powers or travelled the world. There were so many good directions this could go. Instead you:
-Introduced a 19-year-old dating a 13-year-old. Pedophilic. I don't care if his Animagus makes him look 14, it's still not any better. -Put Hermione in nearly every scene. It was so much better when it was him doing projects alone rather than having Hermione follow him around everywhere questioning him about everything. And he just tells her everything, she is so damn annoying.

Also, I read ahead in the comments and have seen that you make Hedwig into a bird-girl... wtf. Bye.
3/21 c21 TBWL713
I hate how he tells Hermione everything. She is so damn annoying and stuffy.
3/21 c20 TBWL713
Hermione is still annoying and Tonks is a pedo.
3/21 c18 TBWL713
Hermione is annoying, Harry's death scene was funny. Don't know why Harry would reveal his Parseltongue ability during the dueling club when Albus had already advised him to keep it a secret.
3/21 c13 TBWL713
I love Harry and Dumbledore's relationship. One of the best I've seen. Just chilling out in Dumbledore's office lol.
3/21 c11 TBWL713
Personally, I like it much more seeing the results of Harry's work rather than seeing what he sees. It gives me Sherlock Holmes vibes.
3/21 c8 TBWL713
Harry could be a literal god if he touched the Elder Wand. For 800 years, the Elder Wand has been used by some very powerful wizards, likely using insane magic. Antioch Peverell, Emeric the Evil, Gregorovitch, Grindelwald and Dumbledore. Not only that, he'd be able to see how the Hallows were made... Love the potential of this concept.
3/21 c5 TBWL713
Really interesting concept and, so far, it has been well executed.
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