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9/28 c56 Epicboss67
This was a great story, and I hope you decide to continue it in the future. Thank you for writing this, and I will continue to enjoy what you have.
9/28 c41 Epicboss67
Your story of Azkaban was really interesting, I hope you expand on that more before I reach the end of what's written
9/11 c1 Random
Harry's ability reminds me of Ango Sakaguchi's ability from Bungo Stray Dogs
9/9 c55 Leggo16
Hi! Been quite a while, missed this story and really wish you'd update it. Cheers
8/29 c8 2hypercell
I am really enjoying this. I love the writing style.
8/7 c56 5Dark Neko 7000
What will happen next time?
7/16 c32 AvideReader99220
The way Harry approached the fight is just proof that the only reason "light" wizards still exist is because of plot armor. Honestly the mentality of not going all out in defense of yourself and others because it is bad for your "image" is stupid. I also find that it is highly hypocritical of the light wizards (like Dumbledore) who all say these empty platitudes of "Doing what is right over what is easy". Is it right to fight in such a way that murders, rapists, and otherwise horrible scum have a high chance of getting away from the fight while your side is being practically slaughtered? You would also think that with everything Harry has seen via his ability he would understand the mentality of these people and realize that if he comes to the fight like a child trying to win a dueling tournament and not a person fighting for the life of himself and his loves ones he will most likely witness and be responsible for some of his loved ones being tortured and dying.
6/28 c56 1WOLF-GOST
update soon
6/6 c17 DeltaWolf2038
it would make sense for any animal ever to be available for an animagus form. i don't see why going extinct would stop that.
6/6 c10 DeltaWolf2038
hell yeah, another writer who doesn't downplay(?) the invisibility cloak! i love it when it actually is an artifact givin to a dude by death rather than it just being created by one of the brothers
6/5 c3 DeltaWolf2038
harry could still wear shoes. just put a whole straight under his big toe so he can still touch the ground with it
5/31 c55 JEROME B
You need to indulge in the fine art of PROOF-READING what you write. Other than that its a great story.
3/25 c56 2subhogue
I hope you come back to this one day, but it was a joy to read.
3/20 c9 alphaprince0
I'm excited to see what will happen when he touches the Deathly Hallows
3/13 c49 GroveWolf
Keep forgetting to ask. You probably explained what 'Crows' are in the first place, but since then I've forgotten. So, what are they?
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