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3/21 c8 TBWL713
Harry could be a literal god if he touched the Elder Wand. For 800 years, the Elder Wand has been used by some very powerful wizards, likely using insane magic. Antioch Peverell, Emeric the Evil, Gregorovitch, Grindelwald and Dumbledore. Not only that, he'd be able to see how the Hallows were made... Love the potential of this concept.
3/21 c5 TBWL713
Really interesting concept and, so far, it has been well executed.
3/6 c2 NaaBe
Does Harry imbibing the knowledge of his parent's wands also means he has all the knowledge of the different spells and can do them as he matures?
2/17 c56 OneX004
Take all the time you need. And when you return I’ll be here. This story truly has been more than an experience. It has been an inspiration.
2/9 c11 billiebanners
1/30 c56 4cindyliu.hoo
this is great. i know it’s on hiatus, but if you ever even have the thought of “maybe i should start writing barefoot again,” please please please do it. not for us (okay, maybe a little for us) but do it because you grew to love it and want to write so we can know what harry finds out in the slytherin common room about tom riddle!
1/24 c56 JuliusMD
Thanks for writing Barefoot. I enjoyed it very much. If you decide to continue this story, I would gladly continue to read it.
1/15 c56 mewingdog
it's a bit amateurish, but fun to read.. do continue if you can..
1/13 c56 Pyrophoricity
Thank you for this story
As you said yourself it was amateur, but in the end it was fun, enjoyable, captivating and all together greatly entertaining
I really enjoyed the way you wrote the situations and how sometimes those situation were completly over the top.
I read your 56 pages in 4 days and am very happy about it
Thanks again for it and take care !
See you in one of your next stories ;)
1/7 c56 13N7 Greek-Valkyrie
Oh wow, this is super intense, I can't wait to see more. I also can't wait for his relationship with Tonks to progress further, engagement and even marriage potentially.
12/28/2021 c25 Guest
Well the random human Hedwig is a drop. So forced.
12/28/2021 c17 Guest
I love the address lol this fic is fantastic so far
12/28/2021 c9 Guest
I’m honestly surprised on how much I am enjoying this fic
12/14/2021 c56 1EldritchHunger
Fun story, and I love how you've portrayed Harry's personality to match his abilities but like almost every harry potter fanfic writer out there, you focus to many details on the how magic works and not nearly enough on character building and plot so it always ends up sounding hollow and drawn out.
12/9/2021 c56 Djdj21
Best fanfic i have ever read
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