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7/7/2015 c3 36CharmedArtist
"The Barefood Kid"? "The Boy Who Felt"? Hahaha I'm so bad at titles! "Tactile Magic"? Hope you get some good suggestions, because mine aren't so great!
7/7/2015 c2 serialkeller
This is bloody awesome. Harry is going to be such a badass. Can't wait for more :D
7/7/2015 c1 1Eladrien
I loved the beginning of this story!
Hope that you continue with it!
7/7/2015 c1 36CharmedArtist
Wow - what an amazing, and promising start! This talent is a fascinating one, and I've been intrigued by it for years, so to have it brought into HP fandom in such a well-done way is truly wonderful. Can't wait to read more!
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