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9/15/2021 c56 Guest
good sor
9/16/2021 c56 4Wordseeker
Brava! Brava!
9/8/2021 c56 aki93
Thank you for this story. Even if it hasn't reached an ending it wasn't left completely hanging which I appreaciate a lot
9/6/2021 c12 muffdyvr
he kind of reminds me of Monk
9/6/2021 c5 muffdyvr
how does one look "fizzled"?
8/24/2021 c25 Guest
Story ruined by having Hedwig become a person lol fucking dumb
8/23/2021 c2 Guest
I have skipped over this fic for so long and finally started and wow I am impressed so far
8/11/2021 c4 Random Reviewer
Thank you for the laugh. Great conversation with the hat. Loved it
8/13/2021 c13 bascospc
you know what? this is really good..
8/10/2021 c20 TheEverlastingHater
well, at least Hedwig wasn't running around fighting terrorists or something.
8/9/2021 c19 TheEverlastingHater
goddammit sirius
8/9/2021 c18 TheEverlastingHater
Shame the snake was psychotic. I think it really needed someone to talk to.
8/9/2021 c17 TheEverlastingHater
now imagining Harry and Sirius digging up Petunia's garden as petty revenge.

Harmless, silly bullshit.
8/9/2021 c15 TheEverlastingHater
i'm starting to think 99% of the uses of Harry's power is just trolling people.
8/9/2021 c14 TheEverlastingHater
Okay, yeah, Harry does dissociate but you built it into the story quite well. Quality work.

Harry's wit is hilarious.

Maybe he should have explained the significance of 221B to Dumbledore?
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