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for How did this Happen?

8/5/2018 c2 dreamerkins
Just finishing chapter 2, and I feel the need to ask.. the left side of the
pig, or the left side of your head? Lol. I hope you didn't get hurt!
6/7/2018 c3 8MauiOmurice
6/12/2017 c3 9like-what-was-i-meant-to-do
I always loved the concept of this story, so I'm on board. This is a different but interesting take on Kyoko's character. Personally, it ticks me off when Ren uses his passive aggressive tactics to manipulate her. He has no real claim to Kyoko, yet thinks he should have some clout in her personal relationships and choices. People like to give Sho a hard time, but honestly Ren's no knight in shining armor. He can kind of be a douche. I look forward to seeing an 'independent' Kyoko who doesn't put up with Ren's manipulation anymore - calls him out on it, even.
3/19/2017 c2 4bboo-berry
end as in end of the fic? omg y leave us hanging ...
10/10/2015 c2 22Yuki Seki
Hmmm...this has an intriguing start. I am interested to see where you want to go with this. I honestly don't see Ren making any kind of bet with Shoutaro over Kyoko, but I will wait to see how it plays out.
8/29/2015 c1 Agoge
Interesting start!
7/19/2015 c2 10NaginiFay
Was it the left of the pig, or did the whole pig fall on the left half of your head?

I'm a little confused about what is going but I get the sense that you are still setting up, so it'll probably be okay.
7/15/2015 c2 9like-what-was-i-meant-to-do
Oh, this is precious. I love the idea of it. If the story will be like the description, I can't wait. And I can see what you mean about the titles! Clever. ;)
7/14/2015 c2 Guest
the pig that fell on your head,,can you explain? I have visions. of stuffed animals then a biology class with a half dissected pig falling from a table onto your head. I must know what happened. please
7/14/2015 c2 CareBearCara101
Good so far :-)
7/14/2015 c2 1rouus94
Who's father? Kuon's? or... Kyoko's father?
Next! Next!
7/14/2015 c2 Guest
Yes ren/sho and as slow as she is she peet that oh whats the world coming to post asap
7/14/2015 c2 Guest
Yes more n kana will be fine sho lol against ren can't wait
7/8/2015 c1 Guest
ohhhh!~ what has our kyoko so troubled and not as hyper as she often is when she is going to see moko-san! looking forward to the next post!

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