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for A Simple Teenage Shop Owner

6h c42 Jorge Duban
Me gusto mucho la historia. En especial la relaciĆ³n con Koneko, Kuroka, Ophis y Lilith... Es como una familia problematica jaja me gusto mucho el desarrollo, en especial que no se toco nada relacionado con Issei... odio a Issei :V, por lo general los cruces con DxD involucran mucho a este personaje pero esta historia es diferente y eso hizo mejor la historia.
11/23 c4 aguastar
asks you to return the lemon, it takes away the flavor of the story
11/21 c3 rageouss
why is he such a beta bitch?
10/30 c34 Visual Bliss
I thought this was going to be something different but it's basically just Naruto letting other people force him to do shit he doesn't want to do
10/18 c23 2Tranquil Harmony
This end of this chapter actually made me tear up. So beautifully done.
10/9 c1 blacklightning18
you should doing the rewriting of a simple teenage shop ower story
10/8 c4 campbellculum
Please put back the lemon it's part of flow of the story
10/8 c4 Guest
Angry owl I just really hate you
9/12 c9 1CHRIS8477
THIS IS AN AWESOME STORY! I love this take on DXD Universe. And I also love and appreciate the care you are putting in to staying true to the characters within this AU! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK, and I can't wait to see where this story goes!
9/9 c43 4JoshPlater
I'd love a short sequel of this with Naruto going back to the Elemental Nations, taking his new family with him. Doesn't even need to have any substantial plot, he'd easily kill anything from there after all, just fluffy goodness and humor
9/3 c1 2obliviated fan
It's easy to tell that either you or your beta, if not both, are American (or consume a LOT of American media). Japan has no Social Security Number, and at the time High School DxD released, they only had a Basic Resident Registry Card, and even that wasn't widespread, being only around since 2003. (And it has, since, been replaced by the My Identity card as of 2016, which is, again, still rolling out.)
8/18 c43 Guest
Angry owl I thank you the story was so good I read multiple times on the weekend my sister is also likes this story I'm here to say you did a wonderful job on this fanfic keep up the good work ps sorry about my writing I'm lazy
8/15 c42 burquescraper
This entire story reminds me of conkers bad fur day.
A fun messed up story you just don't want to end.
7/22 c25 1Diametrik
Somehow, the premise of this story seems to have flipped on its head. It started out as a bunch of strong people and faction leaders coming to ask him to help them, and he tells them to fuck off because he wants to run his candy shop and enjoy life with Koneko, using his superior strength and skill to refuse them. Now it seems to be the opposite: a bunch of strong people and faction leaders coming to ask him to help them and he agrees because he feels bad for them or something. It's like Naruto caved in and lost the battle to keep doing what he wants.
7/22 c9 Diametrik
Naruto: *has a good explanation for this*
Michael: *can tell whether someone is lying*
Naruto: "I have a good explanation for this"
Michael: "your punishment for lying is death!"

Okay buddy
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