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for A Simple Teenage Shop Owner

12/3 c1 Simply Natural
Ya know I'm gonna read the entirety of this story because I found the initial author’s note funny
12/2 c9 insanecoop
Poor situational writing imo.
You had an accident and ended up here, let me put a slave collar on your neck ... angels no less. I'm out.
12/2 c2 John
9/28 c1 CHILD PORN
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7/21 c17 Salvadorrojo66
This manga is a harem type. Where is the harem for Naruto?
7/14 c43 173Sweet Kagamine Kiss
Binge read from start to end. I very much enjoyed every single chapter.
7/13 c4 Sweet Kagamine Kiss
Have you ever thought to crossroad this to ao3? That way any lemony scenes can be intact while the FFN version can be censored...
7/9 c12 Tecnop10
Hercules is Roman, Greek is Heracles (Google traductor)
6/16 c42 thomascastillo9987
6/15 c28 thomascastillo9987
6/12 c12 Guest
Yeah I’m dipping on this story, he’s toying with his opponents gets really annoying when it if the same thing over and over again also the fast “he is against killing” a couple of paragraphs above and now he is trying to kill riser idk man I think you are trying to stick to close to canon naruto but also trying to do your own thing and it isn’t working out.
6/12 c8 Guest
I know this is an old story but what is the point of Naruto having all the tailed beast in him if he doesn’t use them so far? Technically he is a pseudo 10 tail host, I don’t know if it’s because you didn’t want to make him overly powerful or what not but it’s your story you can do whatever you want. To all those that are complaining about this not being Naruto or how his power isn’t even that great let me just remind you that throughout the whole Naruto series he only ever had half of Kuramas chakra and he still beat Sasuke was using all of the tailed beast chakra (naruto wasn’t even going for the kill unlike sasuke) also this is a FAN FICTION it doesn’t have to be canon at all since it’s on a fan fiction website good story so far though
6/6 c10 SMB
It's f**king garbage. Idiotruto is intentionally nerfing himself so that he fits into the current power levels. He fought people and beings far more powerful than the garbage characters in DXD, and he's intentionally sandbagging, just so they have a chance against him. F**k you. Like, literally. F**k you.
6/6 c4 SMB
F**k you. Why would you leave in the warnings and the lemon start notice, then delete the f**king lemon and leave another note stating it?
Is your editor a f**king moRon? I think he is a f**king moRon. DELETE THE NOTICES AND WARNINGS, YOU F**KING MORON!
With no scene, why are they still there? To annoy people that wanted it and you cockblocked them!
6/6 c2 SMB
Why the f**k didn't Naruto say Rias tried to brainwash him and make him forget about Catloli?
Why the f**k didn't you finish the scene from their meeting? WTF happened? Did they fight? Did they leave? Did she suck Naruto's dick as an apology?
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