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for A Simple Teenage Shop Owner

10/9 c8 roy900jong
I call bullshit naruto is not that weak
10/8 c43 TheLoneSpartan117
please do the reading please please
10/8 c4 roy900jong
Why did you edit out the lemon just why?
10/4 c17 DiveLord
Seriously, everyone seems to think he’s a pushover that they can all take a swing at with impunity. He needs to actually make an example of someone. Preferably someone powerful. And I think Koko Loco the Crow would make a fine spectacle. Also, Freed needs to die.
10/4 c12 DiveLord
If he would actually kill some of these bastards, maybe people would get the idea and leave him alone.
10/3 c1 DiveLord
I love badass shop owner Naruto stories. I just found this one and have high hopes already!
10/2 c19 Average crackhead
Naruto's personality really pisses me off
9/27 c43 Caduken
I'd love to see a reading of this story.
9/27 c1 Dasgun
9/25 c4 kjcolvin1234
The way I see it if your gona edit something out at least put it elsewhere. It doesn't even matter that it was a lemon. It could even been anything elss. Ths point is it takes away from the story. It removes factors that could've made a difference in how the story was viewed or portrayed.
9/25 c5 Axccel
You write good scenes, though your characterization of the DxD cast portrays them as far more thoughtless than they are in any of the DxD media. Great fight scenes.

A shadow clone has the same everything, including strength, as the original. The only thing reduced is the amount of chakra it had available, split equally among the ninja and however many shadow clones he created at the same time. Having them fight a shadow clone would not mean they’re fighting a weaker version of Naruto, it would be no different than fighting Naruto himself.

As for Kuroka, while amusing her attitude towards any potential cheating on Koneko makes no sense. Both Youkai and Devils in Highschool DxD are clearly fine with a man having multiple wived. To the point that for devils, it’s flat out stated that monogamy exists but is considered strange. From the talk and behavior of Yasaka in the novels it’s questionable of youkai even have a concept of marriage or if their view of mating is more bestial. So, Kuroka would definitely be fine with it.

Plus, in Highschool DxD, Kuroka had no problem joining Koneko as a sister wife of Issei, so she clearly has no problem with Koneko’s significant other having multie girlfriends/wives.
9/25 c3 Axccel
Your entire part about damage to nature is nonsense and unrealistic. All of those things are small not only individually but even as a whole. You clearly have no comprehension of how vast the Earth is and how minuscule humanity and human impact is. Heck, you even count mere cigarette smoke as somehow damaging nature.

The only reasonable explanation for the hostility in the natural energy in High School DxD is either that is a result of the Biblical Faction’s war damaging the balance of nature or that the people trying to use senjutsu are simply doing it wrong and instead of petrifying the end up being driven nuts by the unbalanced chakras inside them.
9/25 c1 Axccel
Great first chapter! Casual power at its finest.
9/25 c2 Axccel
Naruto being Naruto never gets old! Screw them all over, knucklehead!

Getting a boyfriend is not expected of girls at any age. It’s expected of boys to get a girlfriend and always has been. If they don’t they’re often mocked for it. I have no idea why you attributed this expectation to girls. Girls are rarely even the ones approaching boys in thr first place or expected to.
9/24 c42 JKingSniper
I remember reading your other stories years ago then stumbled across this one. Forgot to review when it was finished so here it is
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