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8/2/2015 c5 9Ebony umbreon
This is a really good story so far, however when doing someone's pov, you tend to switch from 3rd and 1st person at random so you should check that... otherwise I see nothing wrong with it.
7/20/2015 c5 8RealtreeGal
At the next chapter I just be coming in with two trays, and my phone hooked up to a speaker and I start to play the vine that goes "I DON'T GET NO SLEEP CUZ OF Y'ALL, Y'ALL GET NO SLEEP CUZ OF ME!" full blast so me and P.I.X.A.L can break in and rescue the other ninja lol
7/18/2015 c1 19NinjagoninjaKXGIRL
What a chapter! I can almost sense that the darkness in Kai's eyes senses the betrayal he will soon commit once the others are ready to give forth. But may I ask, who is controlling him? Anyway, I am glad to see such a suspenseful chapter with an even more breathtaking cliff-hanger, might I say, good job! As for any ideas on how to leave it off, its up to you . But if you're asking for advice, then perhaps you should have one scene where Kai struggles to be himself, if he really is possessed, or if he really isn't you can have the others react to his sudden difference in behavior. Just an idea . but I really do hope Zane turns out all right, and no, I am not planning to ship Zane with Lloyd in my story, don't worry . Happy writing!
7/14/2015 c2 Angelninjagal
greenflame! Season 5 has the most greenflame ever! I need more GREENFLAME stories!
7/14/2015 c2 Angelninjagal
whoa GREENFLAME! I ship it!

It cute how Kai is much closer to Lloyd than the other ninja
7/12/2015 c4 theReader
OMG! plz make another chapter! PLZ!
7/14/2015 c5 haha its gone find me on ao3
'Cole was scowling, his face ghostly.' OKAY FIRST OFF HOW DARE
7/10/2015 c3 Guest
We all need more greenflame
7/11/2015 c3 1RebeccaM30
Is anyone else having problems seeing the new chapter? I can only see through chapter three.
7/8/2015 c1 Guest
You know I can actually see Zane doing something like that mostly because of what he did in episode 34. Zane is just too selfless not to risk himself for his friends. Good story though keep it up.
7/9/2015 c3 8RealtreeGal
Bro, awesome story besides the swearing.
7/9/2015 c3 haha its gone find me on ao3
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