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7/25/2015 c8 2PASTELXANE
That was actually a really good update they were all awsome!
7/25/2015 c8 17TheyAllStartOutOrdinary
XDDDD Ivy and her candy ways. Thanks for using her, it was really funny :DDDD
7/25/2015 c8 14Cinderfern
Thanks so much for using my OC :) I really enjoyed reading!
7/22/2015 c1 allis
Those boys...
7/24/2015 c4 notjusanotherrandomgal
best chapter yet
7/24/2015 c2 notjusanotherrandomgal
luv you 3 luv this 3
7/24/2015 c1 notjusanotherrandomgal
hey its me a.a i really think u should get wattpad so we can both message each other
7/20/2015 c7 22IlvMLBCNTNSBFWFIYMHDisNickGirl
Please write more!
7/16/2015 c7 Darkrainbow
Also,Cole loves June but she does not love him back. (June has her own elemental dragon. It's dark aqua,has white sharp teeth has rainbow color eyes.) But Cole does not know that June does not love him. He blushes every time he sees her but June does not blush back. Gotta Go. Bye!
7/15/2015 c6 Darkrainbow
Also for June,Skylor and Ivy can't absorb June's powers and She has her own elemental dragon. It's dark aqua dragon with rainbow spikes and black eyes with white sharp teeth. Also,I have one more OC if you want...
Name:Juna Rainbow Larno
Appearance:very light hair with red,orange,yellow,and green streaks,very white pale skin,pale lips,light brown eyes,around her neck is a crazy loom rubber band necklace.
Weapons:black two twin swords,a gun,her powers.
Element:Fire and Smoke. Her fire color is neon and a bit of red in it.
Ninja outfit:a really really dark Lilac color ninja gi,her spinjitzu is black,black ninja gloves,a Lilac ninja hood,she wears really dark blue jean shorts and black and purple jordans with ninja suit.
Personality:sometimes nice and caring,extremely mean,super intelligent,super agile,sneaky,hits hard but will only hit Cole,has a really deep voice(She lost her voice when she was 1 years old.)
Likes:Kai,June,food,spicy food,hot spicy food,hitting Cole.
Crush:No one.
Dislikes:Ivy,Skylor,Jay,Cole's cooking,Cole,Jay's jokes,Nya.
Extra:She has a IPhone 5 plus with a sea blue phone cover,Her and Cole hate each other. Cole tries to be nice to her but Juna does not want him too. She has her own elemental dragon. It's a black dragon with neon spikes,dark purple eyes,and really white sharp teeth. Anyway,Gotta Go. Bye!
-Darkrainbow(AKA Dark)
7/15/2015 c6 Breana
Name: Alice Hampton

Age: The guy's age

Appearance: Alice has golden blonde hair, stormy grey eyes, fair skin, always wears a off the shoulder sky blue shirt a long flowing blue jean skirt and sandals with heels

Personality: Sassy and bold. Alice is not afraid to speak her mind when the time calls for it but she has a big mouth and saids stuff she shouldn't said she's not mean she just says whatever comes to mind. Alice is generally a sweet and kindhearted girl once you get to know her.

Element: Blood

Likes: Her friends,drawing, painting, hanging out with her brother Alex (another O.C of mine), dance, sing, and hitting enmeys with her blood orbs

Dislikes: Spiders, being laugh at, people messing with her friends, Master Chen, Clouse, and bullies
7/17/2015 c5 Guffeywrites
Heehee! Ur really going all out with Lloyd n RayXD I love itXDXDXD(::)(::)(::)(::)!
7/15/2015 c6 3MowsTrap
i guess i can have my oc in it could be fun

Name: Rye Mia Flann

Age: 15

Species: Can Turn into a Fennec fox But can talk and Sometimes walk like a normal humam(she is tiny in this form)(she also has fangs hat leak poisonous clear venom that can kill in less than 2 hours(less if the person or animal is smaller)so she holds a jar on them so that they can attach and leak the venom inside that jar she has to do this often(she has these also in her human form)

Gender: Female

Height: 4'9ft

Eye Color: eyes change color depending on mood(redangry, bluesad, Yellowhappy etc. and etc.)

Hair Color: Deep red that is messy/curly hat fades into light blond at the ends

Skin Color: Has a tan body with freckles all over her body and face, she has bandages on her legs, her left arm, and her right eye(bad wounds doctor said that they will never heal, nothing can heal them, they are also really sensitive to touch ad are still fresh but she hides the pain but when she and Mewto are alone she let's the pain show)

History: When Rye was 5 her mom was killed by robbers and left her for dead. The next day she was found and tooken to a adoption center where she was abused for being different. She had be tortured there for years till she finally had enough and ran away. she spent a couple years by her self in the woods becoming more tempered till she has the personality she has now. But when she is by herself its all tears.

Personality: PAST PERSONALITY: was a joker, loved to talk and play pranks./ PRESENT PERSONALITY: Has a temper, doesn't talk much and keeps to herself.

Appearance: doesn't wear a ninja suit she refused she wears a dark blue long scarf that has a loose piece at the back that she can pull over her head like a hood(she rarely takes the hood off), she also wears a dark blue cape, Black short sleeve shirt with dark blue stripes on the sides, black pants with dark blue stripes on the sides, and dark blue shoes

Abilities: Uses White Fire an blue lightning, great at spying and fighting

Extra: MEWTO(HER PUPPET STUFFED FRIEND)(said like Mew-toe)

Species: Is a stuffed bear that can walk and talk on his own

Appearence: Deep raspberry color, with some peach pink spots on him, oval eyes with blue eye color(eyes like human with the white) usually always annoyed not fat or thin just in the middle.

Personality: Gets annoyed really quickly, kinda always mad, is protective of Rye

HEIGHT: 1'5(0.5m)

Weapon: Pocket Knife

Abilities: is an amazing fighter, great at spying and cooking

HISTORY: Mewto was made by Rye's dad when she was a baby before she left. Her dad was a scientist and made mewto able to walk on his two leg and talk like a normal human- except he isnt human he is a puppet stuffed animal. He looks more like a stuffed animal more than he looks like a puppet though. He can usually be found on Rye's shoulder or head. He and rye are best of friends

there is my oc i dont care if she is in here or not its your choice
7/15/2015 c6 Guffeywrites
Can my OC be in it too her name is Streak and she's an old friend of Lloyds from school if you can that would be great thanksXD
7/15/2015 c6 32Wanli8970
Name: Desdemona
Species: Cat
Appearance: A young adult black, underweight Persian Cat with crystal blue eyes.
Personality: Though she may look like your average feral cat, with licking herself, hunting, and hates water, Desdemona is far from normal with her advance intelligence. Desdemona is shown to be sarcastic and laidback, often to make fun of people who are in her opinion, 'Knuckleheads' in her eyes. Though she is very loyal to her friends and likes Lloyd since he played with her (Though she did make fun of him by calling their game "Mimic the Idiot." Desdemona is still a cat despite her unique abilities, as she often purrs and likes to be petted or picked up. She also has a habit of cocking her head to the side. Her favorite food is Salmon and her least favorite food is Rats.
Abilities: Jump to high places, run fast, able to talk, land on her feet, and make a loud cat shriek that's fatal to anyone who hears it.
Weapons: Claws and Teeth

Please use her!
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