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for Children of the Ancients: Awakening

10/13/2016 c7 iZuikaku
You should add biological races or insect like races that don't use technology, like the Zerg, the Ranchni and the Ceph
10/5/2016 c7 ShadowCub
Don't give the citadel races a cracker or anything.
10/5/2016 c7 10Just a Crazy-Man
10/5/2016 c7 orionastro
very good new chapter .
6/29/2016 c6 ShadowCub
Sounds interesting, I'm going to have to wiki all of these to make sure I know who is who.
6/29/2016 c5 ShadowCub
Damn people hiding everywhere...I had read somewhere that the humans on Halo earth didn't age before they had their race devolved. Halo Earth is a lot more mysterious that at first look.
6/29/2016 c6 orionastro
very good new chapter
6/29/2016 c6 RoyalTwinFangs
Not bad.
6/29/2016 c1 SaintMichael95
The grammar was bad, it made it a bit difficult to read.
5/9/2016 c5 RoyalTwinFangs
Not bad. This is a good chapter.
5/9/2016 c5 orionastro
very good new chapter
3/27/2016 c4 3kamikage86
I'm loving this, please keep it going and update, please.
3/27/2016 c4 RoyalTwinFangs
Not bad.
3/27/2016 c4 10Just a Crazy-Man
3/27/2016 c4 orionastro
very good new chapter lets see where the cabal is converging to attack . Cant hardly wait for the next chapters
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