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for Avenging Stars

9/19 c6 Guest
This is so good! Please continue! I want to hear how the story ends!
7/11/2020 c5 Starfire
Bring it back!
3/11/2020 c5 10engel17white
buena historia, deberías reencarnar a tony como un madalorian pobre y a steve como un soldado clon con un error genético que lo haga rubio
3/11/2020 c1 engel17white
interesante idea, recuerda que las nightsisters tienen arcos laser
saludos desde mexico
8/4/2019 c5 13creativesm75
6/10/2019 c1 19the7horcrux
No, actually, I never did wonder that.
10/1/2018 c3 Rilme Caatl
7/17/2018 c2 Moonshadow
*Laughs* Oh Clint...when was the last time you were so innocent?
5/21/2018 c3 13creativesm75
12/1/2017 c3 2merendinoemiliano
Not bad, i hope to see soon the other avenger and some action. Keep up the good work and see you later.
12/1/2017 c2 merendinoemiliano
Nice story
11/13/2015 c2 13creativesm75
good fic

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