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4/25/2017 c5 D Tailed
she just saw owen's man junk
4/25/2017 c6 D Tailed
Bonding... is that what they call it XD
4/25/2017 c7 D Tailed
i wish i could speck raptor T-T ~Nya
4/25/2017 c8 D Tailed
pretty sure sesshomaru was the alpha considering how many time he whooped inuyasha's ass XD ~Nya
4/25/2017 c9 D Tailed
kagome the alpha of the raptors sounds cool even if owen is considered the alpha ~Nya
4/25/2017 c10 D Tailed
kagome and her oden
heh oden kinda rhymes with owen ~Nya
4/25/2017 c11 D Tailed
she's a bitch... ~Nya
4/25/2017 c12 D Tailed
i just thought of it going through the entire movie and then at the end she transforms back into our kagome. Of course then it would be awkward since i kinda see her with him in a father/daughter relationship instead of a romantic one ~Nya
4/25/2017 c13 D Tailed
is a demon and not just any demon but the all powerful taiyoukai sesshomaru.
just putting it out there SesKag is my OTP ~Nya
4/25/2017 c14 D Tailed
i'm trying to imagine a Velociraptor sitting on comand, it sounds funny as hell ~Nya
4/25/2017 c15 D Tailed
i honestly thought they wouldn't be able to find her and then become suspicious of blue ~Nya
4/25/2017 c16 D Tailed
damn right he has an interested in the raptors one is kagome but who is that imposter? ~Nya
4/25/2017 c17 D Tailed
how the f**k is this going to play out. this is really interesting and i like it keep up the good work
4/19/2017 c17 kanamelover101
4/16/2017 c17 Applejax XD
oh snap, both Kagome's met up, i wonder what that was all about, i cant wait for the next one XD
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