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9/24/2019 c39 txchimama
I truly hope you are planning to update & finish this story. It's one of my favorites!
9/9/2016 c40 txchimama
Wow! Awesome read! I hope you update this soon! Keep up the good work!
1/23/2016 c40 Suna Chunin
This is JUST a break right? Because I am now hooked and have read everything but the rewrite and I don't want to see this end. I love your story telling and the way you write. Please tell me that you are going to finish this even if you are doing a rewrite of the original.
1/20/2016 c11 Dree66
hey 1
1/20/2016 c40 AmberJF
Gosh. Darn. It! You might not go back until well after Inquisition. Thats quite a few years. 7 years is long enough, esspecially for only a short marriage. Admiiit iiiit...GOD as much as Nia is driving me insane i just KNOW i'd be like this too if i ever found someone. No matter how much i myself adore Fenris, if i was thrown into dragon age I'd be sadly acting just like this...well, Nia would always be much more kick-butt awesome though. XD
1/15/2016 c40 2Chimera Spyke
Maker's breathe that was bad... I am always pained when Avaline and Donnic are going through this courtship. Still, we get to see Donnic's side of the confession which is more than I can say for the actual game.

Hawke and Varric's teasing seems to have hit a sore nerve. As we've seen, she internalizes her struggles... Dangerous practice that is. Though, that's just speaking from experience. I think it's time for a heart to heart... I wonder how that'll look? XD
12/26/2015 c39 AmberJF
Lol Nia and Hawke's relationship always makes me smile, I adore your Hawke. I like how you portays Fenris. His hinting remarks and little things he does make me giddy each time. Lol 3 And Yay! Aveline has announced Nia has some love woes! Good enough for a start, maaaayyybeeee this will at least make Nia waver?

I could see her still love and miss her children and still adore her husband, but her husband had surely moved on, so perhaps its time for her to put away her ring? But i suppose it also depends if she stays in this world? Like what happens after kirkwall, after the time of inquisition? Thats still many years. Too many to spend alone. That would mean being with him for even longer than her husband. And what about Halo and this spirit thing? AAAHHH! My mind is twirling in circles!

ps: she hasn't fiddled with her ring since saving Leadra. Wether that is symbolic or she just does it behind the scenes still makes me cheer for Fenris. XD
12/26/2015 c38 AmberJF
Andraste's shiny buthole! Why the heck did you let her flippin shove him away? Aaaarrrrrrrgggggggggg! This is another chapter i adore.
12/26/2015 c37 AmberJF
YEEEEEEESSSS! She changed fate! Yeeees! It is AWESOME to hear how she affected things. It feels like my own personal victory! :'D and hehe, i adore moments between her and Fenris.
12/26/2015 c35 AmberJF
My own heart deeply wretched when Fenris reated like that. I expected that, but still. Owch. I think this is my favorite chapter. And YAY! He still doesn't hate her! :D Yaaaaaay! Perhaps also because she killed her demon but he failed. This all makes me too happy :]
12/22/2015 c22 AmberJF
Lol i love the relationship between Nia and Hawke. I just adore this Hawke actually. XD but seeing things from Nia's perspective is fun. Though even I'm still unerved at the idea of talking to the Arishok. Or i should say standing my ground in front of him without wetting myself. Scary. I like how she tries to be the peacekeeper and see everyone's view but is always curious about the world and traditions. That is a lot more how i myself would be in Dragon age. I am simply no fighter and i find it hard to believe many people from our world would so easily fit in with all the fighting, murder, thieving and pure chaos. You've done a terrific job portraying a non-fighter's pov. :3 even though she is forced to fight anyway. XD
12/22/2015 c21 AmberJF
Okay, NOW i'm super happy. A character that doesn't like the violence? Who knows whats goint to happen so to help others starts a soup kitchen and school or sorts? I thought of a soup kitchen in kirkwall being extremely helpful but to see that thought pulled into a full story AND advanced upon is simply awesome. Defidently love this. :3
12/21/2015 c1 AgentMaine49
I actually think your other stories are fine honestly.
12/20/2015 c38 1MariaPerkyBat
Oh. I did review then. Anyway, I'm back! :D
12/20/2015 c18 AmberJF
She is soooo evicted when Fenris finds out about this isn't she? After all, he has rather strict policies when it comes to things like that. Food or no food. XD
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