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for She is Love

10/23/2018 c17 Guest
Please write more . Maybe a Harper Ella relationship
10/12/2018 c16 Guest
Please update
9/30/2018 c15 Guest
9/23/2018 c14 Guest
Someone save her
9/19/2018 c13 Guest
Please update
9/12/2018 c12 Guest
I love your story so much! It has been awhile since I have read Vampire Diaries fanfiction that I really liked! I can't wait for the next chapter!
6/14/2017 c4 Guest
Please write more
5/31/2017 c5 Rebecca
Hey! I'm sorry everything's come to that. I just started reading this story and hope that you do continue it, but please, take all of the time you need. I do hope that this story continues because I am completely and irrevocably in love with it! You never see any Matt Donovan fictions, nor, do you see anyone ever making the two twins getting along! I appreciate all of your writing! Much love! :))))
10/3/2016 c2 Dorothy
Can you please finish this story it's really good and I would like to now how it ends
4/25/2016 c4 Guest
Great start
3/4/2016 c4 2ThePhantomismyLove
please write more
12/25/2015 c4 Ester
I know this story is still short, but it is so well written and so interesting, I want more! You made Ella an interesting character, one of the best characters I've ever seen, and she's not perfect, she has her flaws. And I love that the pairing is Matt, he needs some love. I know you said chapters may not come constantly, but please don't give up on this story! I would love to see where this goes.
10/27/2015 c4 deangirl515
Please continue! This is already an amazing story (:
10/9/2015 c4 MyFandoms7
Can you please continue? I love it so far and I want to read more!
10/5/2015 c4 meangirl8
This is a really great story please update soon
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