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for Fablehaven: Return of the Darkness

1/24 c8 Jewelsybear
In Home Again, Bracken was talking about a girl named Rosaline. Is it the Rosaline from Home Again? This is also really good. Keep going.
1/23 c10 IceSnowCream
I love the way that you portrayed Bracken. I highly doubt that Bracken would ever tell his family about his imprisonment.

Dragonwatch book 4 nearly killed me. I excepted a bit more action as the last book lack it. But book 4 gave us so much information and added so much more new conflicts that it was hard to keep up. There were also new magic systems that you have to keep up with and the way the giants use magic so interesting. And learning how the crowns and powers of the five monarchs came to be was one of the best parts of the book. But I'm not complaining about the actio . That book has to be one of the best books I have ever read. I am kind of mad at Brandon Mull for leaving us on such a big cliffhanger. The ending felt like the second book all over again. There's so much things happening at the same and its hard to believe that good guys will win. Brandon Mull did an amazing job of building up suspense and conflict in this book.

I can't wait to see were the rest of this fanfic will go and where Dragonwatch will go as well! And to think that we have to wait until about October of this year for the final book to cone out is URG!

See ya in the next chapter!
1/23 c10 6By Myself Alone
I loved this chapter. And I feel you on spotty posting. I have a few stories I haven gotten around to updating yet and I feel bad. I loved the fourth Dragonwatch book. Imma just say my boy Raxtus is awesome. Also happy 10 chapters. Itś an accomplishment getting this far. Be proud this story is amazing. :)
1/23 c10 22Yakall
This was so cool! The whole room thingy was totally epic! Bracken and Kendra are such dorks :D Ophelia XD All around definitely loved this!

Yeah, you’ve read the fourth! Just got to say, that ending though D:
1/23 c9 Yakall
OH MY GOSH. HOW DID I MISS THIS?! Anywho, this was AWESOME! Oh no, Verl! Poor Seth :( Tanu, my man. Wonder what that knife’s about...
And uh happy extraordinarily late Christmas XD
1/22 c10 Croustade
The castle seems so cool! I wonder what my magically customized room would looked like...
Anyway, Kendra's encounter with Mizelle was interesting, and I will never say no to a little Brackendra. Overall, I think it's a great chapter!
1/21 c10 2JaylaLovesReading
I really like how you described the rooms, I thought it was cool! Also, Kendra and Bracken are super cute! Can’t wait for the next one!️
12/27/2020 c9 IceSnowCream
I'm excited for the rest of the chapters in this fic. I have been meaning to say that you are really good at potraying Kendra and Seth. I suppose that I am tood late to say Merry Christmas but I can say Happy New Year! Can't wait to see where everything will go!
12/25/2020 c9 JaylaLovesReading
I hope that knife doesn’t do anything bad! This story is going great!️
12/24/2020 c9 12NaoSa
Loved it! And Merry Christmas to you as well!?
11/24/2020 c8 IceSnowCream
I love that you brought Ronodin into it. He has always been one of my favorite villians in all of the fantasy books I have read. The cliffhagger is sort of killing me.
Just a question, have you read the sequel to Fablehaven, Dragonwatch? It so good! The fourth book came out October 13th. If you haven't read it I would highly recommend it. Ronodin is in it a lot.
This was an amazing chapter, and keep up the great work. I can't wait for the next chapter. I feel like the plot is going to get deeper and much more complicated.
11/19/2020 c8 22Yakall
OoOoOoOHh things just got spicy! This was totally fabulous! And the fairy queen is really cool too :P
11/16/2020 c8 Katie
Ronodin! Wow! This was awesome! The fairy queen is really cool to! Wonder what’s going to happen next!
11/13/2020 c8 12NaoSa
Amazing chapter! I totally meant to review this earlier, so, sorry about that! School is definitely hard right now, so I feel you on that!

I will always patiently await the next chapter from you! :)
11/12/2020 c8 2JaylaLovesReading
And the plot thickens! Super interesting!️
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