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7/11/2015 c1 91Madilayn
Ohhhhhhhhh I was giggling and laughing the whole way through it. Poor John (although I suspect that in previous battles, things have gone the other ways too - with John begging Scott for help in getting revenge). And you even managed to slip in clumsyspaceman!

And it’s good to see that the pranking gene runs deep within all Tracy brothers. Wrapping the pool... - you know that is just genius work. I’m impressed at the skill and time that would have taken. I should imagine that little bros were (once they had time to appreciate the sheer genius of their big brother) mightily impressed. (Scott and John may have gained even more hero-worship points from fun-size brothers).

Virgil on the other hand... Poor Switzerland. Always ends up in the middle of major conflicts no matter how hard it tries to stay neutral - it still gets bombed. Virgil is just going to bide his time and then hit them when they least expect it.

Thank you thank you thank you! You did a major fun thing with this prompt!
7/11/2015 c1 101Eraman
Love the Game of Thrones reference.

This was lots of fun
7/11/2015 c1 32Phoenix Sparrow
Hehe, amusing! Like it :-)
7/11/2015 c1 60TheFABFive2015
*clutching sides*

Oh, brilliant! Okay, so I now have stitch, and there's tea all over my keyboard, but that... was... BRILLIANT!

There's a sequel in there somewhere too, right? Revenge on just as epic a scale? Yes, Scooter, you can run, but you can't hide!

Thanks so much for the laughs, just perfect!

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