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8/29/2017 c1 Ashthenerdystargazer
You're an amazing author. I was giddy and happy all while I read this. It was just so perfect. Truly this is one of the best one shots I've ever read!
6/18/2017 c1 FriendlyAnon
This was amazing. I love your fearless Lucy. ️
3/2/2017 c1 Rayneee
aww this was just adorable. I loved how you switch Natsu and Lucy's personality .. Thank you for this! Your writing is really awesome :D
7/8/2016 c1 12PinkFireandGoldenStars
Awww! This kind of reminded me of Paper Towns but it was different as well and I loved it! It was so well written, you're a fabulous author! It was nice reading Natsu as cautious and Lucy as the wild one! Well done! :D
11/13/2015 c1 4EchoesOfTheDoomed
I literally felt like John green surging through my veins every word into this, and I was like oh, oh, OOOOOOHHH... like, tell me if that makes sense cuz i'm like mesmerised right now and i'm pretty sure i'm still making no sense. So last word -WOOOOOW
10/29/2015 c1 123Empress of Everything
Lucy is just crazy. But it's a good crazy. :) all I could think while reading this oneshot was how much she reminds me of Lucy Ashely. Actually, almost all of your Lucys with their wild child behavior and free spirits. It's a refreshing twist. :)
9/6/2015 c1 2Sgt. Sarcasm
That was so cute! . I loved it!
7/23/2015 c1 8Labybro
This is like Hiccup and Astrid
Shyish boy meets bold girl
7/18/2015 c1 5Mechanically
Dude...have you ever read Paper Towns by John Green? Because wow it was like I was reliving the first couple chapters and I loved that. This was awesome. He's a jock yet squimish and she is daringly mad and I love it.
7/17/2015 c1 2NamesAreFutile
7/13/2015 c1 Guest
I think you did a good job with this! It was kind of weird with their personalities reversed, and I still prefer Natsu's actual personality, but I still think it was good.
7/13/2015 c1 AnimexFreakz 0.o
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW THAT IS PRECIOUS, I LOVE IT! Thanks you so much for writing, cause it was so cute and great and oh my goodness it was wonderful!
-kitty .
7/13/2015 c1 MadnessArrives
I am simply amazed at your writing. I was hooked from beginning to end, curious as to what was going on. I loved this.
7/12/2015 c1 30BlessYourStar21
I only have one word for this; amazing!
7/12/2015 c1 5misolovesoup
awwww...just... :D two thumbs up! :) love it

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