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5/28/2016 c20 3starscriptmage
An update! I had no idea Flag Day existed, but Wanda celebrating her two 'fathers' made me grin. And Vision in an orange hat made me snortI also loved the last part... Natasha would so do that xD I'll be looking forward to your Civil War story!
5/28/2016 c20 holsvick
This was terrific. I love the father/daughter relationship that Clint and Wanda seem to have. The Flag Day part was cute!
5/28/2016 c20 3kawherp
What a sweet idea. I love how Wanda took Flag day to celebrate so Clint can be with his own kids.
5/28/2016 c20 4Dirtyhands
I was confused about Steve and the Fathers day idea, but it made sense fromWanda's perspective, and then you added flag day. I love Steve's face palm and his comment about cake. Its nice to see some relaxed himor.
5/28/2016 c20 Freedom to Rarity
Great chapter. Very funny
5/28/2016 c20 14DeafAngelLove
Aww! Steve and Clint are the team dads! I love it! Great work(as usual)!
5/28/2016 c20 12Mystic 777
Oh very nice. XD Poor Steve.
5/28/2016 c20 82shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod
Great team bonding between all of them! Love these sweet little stories :). Can't wait for the Civil War stories!
5/28/2016 c20 JuliaAurelia
Completely adorable, with cake!
5/27/2016 c19 3starscriptmage
GOSH. Okay, what can I say about this? It's quirky, heartwarming, lovely, and just amazing. I loved how different characters and different settings were pulled together in one location and how you portrayed every single character. I am so in love with your Marvel fics, you're very talented at showing the nuances and complexities of each relationship!
5/22/2016 c19 95Book girl fan
I am very glad I am not in the US, because that sounds very complicated!
4/26/2016 c19 Deletethisaccountpleaseasap
I love it. All hail the hilarity.
4/17/2016 c19 Guest
Poor Clint!
4/17/2016 c16 42Black' Victor Cachat
Great idea for Natasha's gift and LOL for her infiltrating the scouts and the end part
4/17/2016 c19 319AtLoLevad
Ah! This was so cute! I forgot about the extension on the deadline too so I was just as hassled as Clint!
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