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11/5/2020 c4 Anve26
Just started reading Suits this one! Please continue?! 3
3/25/2019 c1 iamhalfdead
ohmygod this is so goog
9/4/2018 c4 Guest
Write more please!
3/10/2017 c4 Ika
love it...keep going
10/31/2016 c4 Guest
Update please!
10/23/2016 c4 Guest
Please update! What uni are you in tho maybe we can fangirling together
9/5/2016 c4 Guest
Please Update ! It's been ages Pippafrost
7/23/2016 c4 nette0602
Very nice story
6/24/2016 c1 Guest
If I ever became a lawyer I'd probably focus on helping poor families- the kind who don't have money to spend to sue someone- get reimbursed.
Like me. Some asshole lets his German Shepherd Dogs run loose-claims the dogs are friendly despite a history of aggression- and they came in my yard and disembowled my pappilion. If it wasn't for my 14 years old cancer riddled mutt they would of killed her. They kept getting loose after the attack. The final straw happened about 22-24 days after the attack. It was 5AM pitch black out and my mom was taking the dogs out to go potty. The GSDs where in our yard. The vet- who took $500 off the vet bill and is letting us make payments- was awsome. They took her into surgery before we filled out anything- knowing we were dead broke. Most vets in my area charge $1500 upfront just to see an animal. Treatment would of been out of question. Any other vet would of kicked us out-though if were lucky they'd be willing to sell us the euthanasia shot.
3/11/2016 c4 TetraFish06
Interesting side to Harvey. Thank you for sharing
3/7/2016 c1 Va
Pipa i really love you - !!!!
3/7/2016 c4 MH
I'am not a good English speaker but I have to say that this is amazing.
3/6/2016 c4 Guest
Please update quick! I really need the next chapter quickly I love this ! Can't wait for mike to wake up!
3/7/2016 c4 11ploiuiu
I love it! Your story. I'm looking forward the next update!
3/6/2016 c4 13lorcheto
Great chapter. After this heartbreaking season finale, this exactly what I needed. Update soon! Great story! I love it so far!
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