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for Rosalie's Fear

2/25/2017 c10 Guest
11/6/2015 c10 HorseriderTheVisionary
Great story and characterization of Rosalie! :)
7/15/2015 c10 kiwihipp
That was a wonderful ending! Rosalie actually changing to become a nicer person and therefore happier! Well done!
7/15/2015 c9 kiwihipp
Aww, that was really cute! Both Rosalie's confession, but also Emmett's declaration of love! I hope Rose will forgive herself for her thoughts and get on with her life!
7/15/2015 c8 kiwihipp
That was not as bad as I thought it would be! Just slightly out of canon! Well written, for all the people present! Well done!
7/13/2015 c1 guest
Looks good. Please continue.
7/15/2015 c10 9Moonlight howling
Really good story, you had Rose down to a tee. Thanks for writing.
7/15/2015 c7 kiwihipp
Very nice! I like the way you have Renesmee telling Rosalie that she is hungry, in two different ways!
However, Jacob imprinted on Renesmee the first time he left after helping Edward to keep Bella alive, so you need to change that if you plan to remain in canon. Her growth is also well described, with Emmett mentioning that her outfit is tight!
7/14/2015 c6 kiwihipp
I think you got it across so well, how it must have felt for Rosalie to smell all that lovely human blood as she cut into Bella! No wonder she lost it! Thank goodness for Jacob being there, that saved Bella more than anything else, I now think! Great that Seth gave up his kill so that Rosalie could have a quick feed and get back to the baby, who really needed someone there! I can't wait for the next chapter!
7/13/2015 c3 kiwihipp
Wow! That was awesome! Really well written! You got all the emotions down pat and I loved the way you got Esme to say her speech (and warning)!
7/13/2015 c2 kiwihipp
Building very well! I think you are describing Rosalie very accurate! Emmett is the perfect man for her!
7/13/2015 c5 madcraftermom
Finally! An original idea (at least it's the first ice seen of this line) AND well written AND canon! Looking forward to further chapters. :)
7/11/2015 c1 kiwihipp
Very interesting take! I can imagine Rosalie's shock, when she heard Bella's voice and then the reason why she was calling! I look forward to reading more chapters!

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