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4/28/2016 c8 Guest
Normally I'm too lazy to review but holy crap this story is great! I LOVE mythology and Norse is always so interesting! I'm also not a fan of Marvel either and when I see how much they bastardise mythology it makes me mad. I get so excited whenever I see you include ones like Nidhogg and Jormungand. Will we see one like Hresvelgr, since they and Jormungand are sorry of enemy rivals? Love that Garm is the one Elise got! Can't wait for an update, Lord Kirkleton (cbf logging onto my account)
4/20/2016 c8 Anon
I have to say, I absolutely adore this story. I've been very interested in Norse mythology myself, and I love your interpretations of the gods. Both oc's are well developed; they have personalities and flaws, and while they may be powerful in comparison to the canon cast at this point in the story, I think you've managed to make that believable as well. Because as Rin said, they're not quite human. I find myself constantly returning, reading it again and again. It is difficult to find good fanfiction in the Blue Exorcist fandom, and I greatly appreciate that you've decided to write this. I hope you don't abandon it; I am enjoying everything about it so far!
4/1/2016 c8 Guest
I really really like this fic. Looking forward to seeing how Elise and Egil deal with the fallout. Please update soon! And please, please don't abandon this fic, it's so much better than what's been published recently.
1/27/2016 c8 Guest
Please update again! *begs*
1/27/2016 c6 Guest
Awesome! This is really good. (:

And I can definitely understand feeling depressed or frustrated when something you worked hard on doesn't get many responses, or if they seem to all be negative.

Note/Advice (This isn't negative so PLEASE READ THROUGH THE WHOLE THING):

There are a lot of fics out there that just retell the same exact story each and every time, and they can get really boring and tedious to read. If someone wanted to read the original plot they'd be reading the manga or watching the anime.

To be honest, I (ALMOST) thought this was one of them and ALMOST dropped it before I read this chapter. KEEP READING- I did read this chapter, and now I'm interested to see what's going to happen next.

I think that you should leave a note in chapter one, where it will be as visible as possible, saying that while you WILL follow the original plot for A LITTLE WHILE, you DO plan on verging from cannon. I think you'll get a lot more of a positive response as long as you make that clear.

ANYWAY, for what it's worth, I think your story is really good so far. I'm going to keep an eye on this and hope you update again soon. Please don't give up yet! You're doing really good! (:
10/16/2015 c7 27SuperiorDimwit
Ohhh you got hit by the latest wave of anonymous dickwads? My sympathies. Especially for the one that considered you getting facts wrong with who Baldr married. I think you did say in some author note that you were running with the Valhalla continuity of Norse Mythologies, didn't you? Guest should just pay better attention and get hir facts right, then...

I really do like it when you deviate from canon scenes and go your own way. Sure, canon scenes can't be avoided since you're anchoring your fic to that timeline, but it's a lot more fun to see what you do when you do your own thing. Carnivore Jotunn out of the floor? Duuuude! :D *ancient colossal things are cool* You get the tension and panic down very well in that scene. The fate of the Leapers really got me; showing an already formidable predator panic in the presence of one even higher up in the food chain is an effective tool.

Myeah, I know Rin and Bon turn the Leaper exercise into some form of sprint competition, but that isn't the point of the exercise (as Tsubaki clarifies when he chastises them later on). The point is to observe and dodge the Leaper's movements to sharpen reflexes and get an idea of how demons move. Speaking of characters, what's with all the "fucks" in the dialogue here? Bon doesn't use that much harsh language...

Bahaha Elise is such a supportive sister... xD I'm only partly being sarcastic when I say that: she /is/ supportive, just in her own rather coarse manner. I like that!

It was nice to see that Egil is both slow and can get wounded like any other mortal: that stabilises his character power-wise. I don't see him or Elise as overpowered compared with Rin: who is, technically, the only valid character to compare with (his ancestry being the closest match to Egil and Elise's).

Hmmm I just need to run this by you to make sure I get the setup straight. Jotunn aren't demons. And they're not part of Assiah (?). So, if Gehenna is a dimension annexed to Assiah, is Asgard/Jotunnheim/Alfheim a different dimension that also communicates with Assiah (under the name Midgard)?


"watching as Elise and [Izumo] ran circles"
"Egil could imagine the [faint] grin on his sister's lips"
9/6/2015 c7 Rhodry-Arterius
Hooooooooollllllllyyyyyyyyy ssssssshhhhhhhiiiiiiittttttttteeeeee, i so can't wait for the next chapter.
9/6/2015 c7 Guest
I should also point out that COPYING TO MUCH OF THE COPYRIGHTED WORK IS CONSIDERED COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. Your story could be reported for copying too much of the canon events as a violation of copyright law.

For more information as to how much it too much copying in fanfiction please direct your attention to the wonderful guide posted by the Copyright Infringement Reports forum group. ( Guide to Understanding Copyright.). If you are still confused after reading the guide, you can just ask them for advise regarding the matter.

Still, you are copying too much. I'm not going to report you for it, persay, but I'm still going to point it out to you. You should have just picked an arc to start after, and instead of copying the events went a different route while retaining the canon facts. This way, you wouldn't be at risk of the evil lawyers.
9/6/2015 c7 Guest
You need to move this story into crossovers with Norse Mythology or Marvel. One of the two. It is not in the proper archive, which could lead your story to being reported. You do not want your story removed because you didn't place it in the right archive (it's embarrassing in fact. Just as getting removed for author notes, or improper rating, titles, summaries, etc.

Just please move it to it's proper place. I really don't want to have to report you just because you couldn't be bothered to do such a simple task as that.

P.S: Balder is married to Nana. If you are going to do something based on Norse Mythology (or Marvel) you should be sure to have your facts right. And yes, they are over powered, they lack development, and you are kind of ignoring the fact that the Norse myth was somewhat hinted at when Mephisto pointed out that one of his aliases was Loki. You should consider this universes power level, character strength, etc. Proclaiming a Jotun can get through the Demon King of Time and Space barrier (unless he granted permission) so easily is silly. It's hard to swallow. This is why I try to avoid stories where people say the OC's are not overpowered (when they are) and will focus on character development (which is poor still).

I feel like slamming my head against a desk at how droll this is. Plus, what the fuck is wrong with the plot. Urgh!
9/6/2015 c7 Guest
Isn't Balder married to Nana in mythology? Just as Mephisto (or during his past with the Scandinavians) was married to Sigyn. I'm having a hard time reading your fic. Mostly out of boring writing and poor character develop. Plus with your facts wrong, it's rather unpleasant. I think I might drop this, sorry. It's just.. not well written.
9/6/2015 c7 Kit
Enjoying it so far, loving the detail you give, though I have to ask, by 'Bon' do you mean Konekomaru? Pretty sure Bon was Suguro's nickname and Konekomaru's was Koneko
9/6/2015 c7 6reppuzan
So the godlings have attracted a Giant... this is the kind of game-changer I've been waiting for. I guess I can hope to see more of the Norse world intruding upon Assiah, though I wonder how Mephisto is going to react.

Great chapter by the way. You're really defining Egil and Elise as separate characters (though I have a feeling that Egil will do far better as a backline fighter at this point given his low stamina) and I can't wait to see what happens next. Bon/Suguro seems a bit more foul-mouthed than I remember though.

That said, now would be a really good time to call in Nidhogg!
8/31/2015 c6 27SuperiorDimwit
It's been a while, eh? I've been kept busy by the endless paperwork that is inherent in any form of institutional system, and I try not to review while preoccupied and/or annoyed by something else.

Well well, then that cat is out of the bag. I gotta say, Elise's actions fit so naturally in with the narrative that I can't help but wonder how you had planned for this scene to play out originally.

Egil actually went all the way and called them Satansson. xD Way to break the ice on the tense mood! Not that the following conversation is light-hearted in the least. I like it, though. I've always felt like Rin and Yukio needed to talk about that and get things sorted out properly between them. I am a wee bit sceptic that Yukio would actually be so quick to defend Rin when Rin takes the blame for Shiro's death upon himself. He might stress that it was a combination of things that caused the tragedy, but Rin is inextricably a part of it.
(On a side note, there is one thing I've always wondered how Yukio could overlook. He knows Shiro approached Shura about teaching Rin to wield a demon sword /in case something happened to him/. Shiro prepared the catnip wine for Kuro a year ago /in case something happened to him/ that would leave Kuro upset. Yukio is a paranoid little kid, and he finds nothing suspicious about his father taking steps and measures to prepare for his death like that? As if he knew what was coming?)

Regarding pacing, your characterisation of these people was interesting enough on its own to keep me hooked for the first 25,000 words. I think I commented that the appearance of Hugin and Munin in the last chapter made a great difference, as it was the only "action" that chapter featured. I'm not quite as bored as reppuzan, but I welcome this (early) forwarding of things. 30,000 words into a story I like to see the plot off its starting blocks.

I feel that I should, mostly in response to reppuzan's comment, say that the original series relies just as heavily on Buddhism and Shinto as it does on Christianity - perhaps even more than on Christianity, as the Kyoto arc introduces mechanics that actually allow Buddhist views to override and falsify Christian views of demons.

Not sure Egil's decision to withhold information about the ravens is a wise course of action. Keeping secrets tend to mean they fester into problems - but, I could be wrong. Time will tell, I guess.

(Manic-depressive rant? No no. My brother's manic-depressive. You're just starved for attention. ;P)
8/3/2015 c6 Falcrow-42
Ooooooooooo this is lovely~ I do love Norse mythology, but I never got super into it, not enough to recondite a lot of the names you use. I know the popular ones like Hel and Balder and Thor and Odin and Loki, but other than those, not really ._. But I still really enjoy this story! I know enough to appreciate that you know your stuff, and that you've really worked hard on this. And to be perfectly honest, this doesn't seem like that slow of a start to me. It might just be me that thinks that way, but still. I'm sorry if people give you a hard time about you pacing, but I tank it's fine just the way it is... And I'll defiantly remember to leave a review on every chapter after this, because you desire the love!
8/2/2015 c2 Rhodry-Arterius
Being taught by Christians, truly there is no worse fate.
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