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for The Swimmer's Little Boy

4/12/2017 c2 James Birdsong
Great two chapters
9/16/2015 c2 10ultima-owner
that's a touching scene
9/16/2015 c2 Marshman101
Aww how cute
9/16/2015 c2 2Petra Anderson
are you ever going have harry in hogwarts in any of your stories
9/4/2015 c1 61Dragonsrule18
Great story!
7/17/2015 c1 OSR fanatic
Great Story! :) Update Soon! :)

Isn't that kidnapping? I hope Hina can prove that Harry is abused by his family and adopt him!
7/12/2015 c1 bearybeary
I like how the your story progress. I think you should add Elizabeth DeWitt from bioshock burial at sea episode 1 and 2. She is also might a good mother figure to Harry. The story goes is after Elizabeth sacrifice her life to save sally when frank hit her head with a wrench. With no reason her power come back and take her to a different world or should I say Harry potter. I am not sure if you pla it or it. I think the rest of my story idea is up to you.
7/12/2015 c1 21edboy4926
Good intro
7/12/2015 c1 1asharaez
Aoi Asahina sounds like an interesting mother, though i feel she has to learn responsibility first and then tone down her antics of youth. Good job.
7/12/2015 c1 10ultima-owner
doughnuts rock
7/12/2015 c1 Marshman101
Awesome story and I can just imagine him in a caccon like state made of fluffy towels its soooooo cute make ,ore please

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