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for An Assassin can't be a Mafia Boss

6/21 c5 Guest
Sigue con la historia por favor
5/28 c5 Victoria1676
Please make more I am loving this story already! Poor Reborn lmao XD His torture I mean tutor methods aren’t working including his schemes
4/21 c5 1AysaWolf
I really love this story! You have done an amazing job on it so far. I hope you continue it
4/17 c5 4JustAnotherMarvelFanGirl881
pretty please update
3/12 c1 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 1
12/20/2019 c5 Guest
Please continue! Maybe Class E can talk Tsuna into become the Decimo and have easier access to cleaning up crime by being good assassins. Tsuna could be their face and he could 'Gore's them or have them as members of his family. They could even increase the size of their operations over time by taking in strays and rescuing kids maybe even started their own school and teaching just the way they were taught?
8/26/2019 c5 Ahihi
Love your story, would you mind updates more?
Mabe, more often?
It a pity that you don't updates since so long ago.
With all the love,
Ya dear reader.
8/12/2019 c5 12creativesm75
5/14/2019 c5 1Idoray
donc Isogai est un ciel j'avais raison nice , hâte de lire la suite
1/7/2019 c1 oLuria
12/12/2018 c5 1TheLightFairyHearts
Amazing love the work hope to read more updates
12/2/2018 c5 22D C JoKeR H S
(Oooh, This sounds fun! X'D)
(And, ooh, if Karma turned up with Mukkun...)
Don't mind if she's not, and we've still got quite a long while until Mukkun, so I'm curious and loving this story! XD
It's Magnificent! XD
12/2/2018 c5 4Yuukinatsuki
Ah... I'm late to answer, huh... But again, Terasaka have personality like Xanxus, so, I think he was does have Sky Wrath. and Isogai... kinda remind me of Dino or Yuni. so, it's make sense.

So, in short, Class E did have three Sky who keep them in line... somehow?

Thanks for update. and see ya!
12/2/2018 c5 nobody51
I’m so happy you updated! I hope life gets better for you!
12/1/2018 c3 7BytheBayGirl
Well, I'll put my opinion for this contest!

Class 3-E Skies

1. Karma- He is actually observant of his classmates that he knows full well how to strategize and effectively use everybody. Everyone knowing his intelligence, abilities, making use of their abilities in the most suitable way to the corresponding situation and commands great respect from his peers while also nervous of him due to his sadistic, mischievous tendencies. But under all that, he is a truly loyal friend who's very honest, hardworking and sincere under his vigilante prankster exterior, and capable of empathy with good moral values backing up his motives.

2 Isogai- Charismatic Ikemen, enough said.

3. Megu- Charismatic Ikemegu, and a capable leader keeping everyone in line.
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