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9/17 c3 SWdreamer
I love this So much! Please, continue writing this. Also love the Idea of CIS And Fire Nation working together
6/25 c3 jmoriarty1205
love this! are you updating?
4/11 c3 4Shadowwolf1997
Indeed to see more of this one it’s great
11/16/2019 c3 103ZabuzasGirl
please please please please please please please update this! This is stupendous!
11/16/2019 c1 ZabuzasGirl
Love it!
8/25/2019 c3 Guest
please update
5/21/2019 c3 27Thebestoftherest
Is this still going.

It pretty good even if I think the Jedi and sith Should alter the plot.
4/13/2019 c3 geust5555
can you please update this story?
4/12/2019 c3 Guest
please update
7/31/2018 c3 Guest 22
Hello, I see that you Are also a fan of avatar crossovers and a talented writer. So, I was wondering if you could check into writing for the halo-avatar crossover genre. It also has an extensive range of possibilities as well!
6/10/2018 c3 2Ender Princess Faeron
I see a fun crossover
2/12/2018 c3 9Thomas Drovin
Reading this story I find it great how Kenobi and the other Star Wars characters are fitting into the Avatar Story, their adventure in Omashi is a good example. I see that Azula is getting an EXTRA helper in her pursuit of Zuko and Iroh in the form of Ventress...I wonder what Ty Lee and Mai will think of her? What about Dooku and Grievous will they try and talk to Ozai and bring in more help? Questions and so few answers! See you next update whenever you can manage it! Later!

PS: Its nice to see that you're writing this story up for t-rex989 like this its a great idea! Keep up the good work, I'm VERY good at waiting for updates as I know how sometimes life outside this site gets in the way and its more important. See you soon!
2/12/2018 c2 Thomas Drovin
Well, well, well what a chapter. Our Jedi friends have introduced themselves to the Gaang and briefly filled them in and visa versa. Unfortunately Count Dooku has introduced himself to Azula and after his observations of the Fire Nation Princess it seems he's going to lend the Fire Nation a free hand with Ventress...I have a VERY bad feeling about this...I wonder if Doku will contact his master and what will HE say? Onwards to the next chapter to see what happens next!
2/12/2018 c1 Thomas Drovin
Hi there! Your story caught my eye so I read it and I have to say I LIKE what I have found...the Star Wars Clone Wars arriving on the World of Avatar the Last Airbender the second season? FNATASTIC! Things are going to get REAL interesting REAL fast...the Gaang have found Anakin, Kenobi, Ahsoka and their Clone Troopers. Unfortunately the Droid Armies have found them too! That means Count Dooku, General Grievous and Ventress can't be far away...when they find out what's happening on this planet they'll be only too DELIGHTED to help the Fire Nation that means BIG trouble for our friends! I'll add this to my favourites list and read on to see what happens next!
1/31/2018 c3 19mpowers045
This chapter is stunning
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