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11/6/2020 c1 thelonelyastronaut
“Kinda looks like a potato.”Lmao. Absolutely perfect! Only a few sentences in and I’m already cracking up.
3/25/2020 c13 gabumon7
Bah, rewriting before it's finished! I want to read the 1st take
7/10/2018 c13 Galu
1/28/2018 c1 3Maliya Snow
update please this story is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!
10/10/2017 c1 Reisbig2009
Great story! I wish it was still being updated. I like the characters and how you portrayed them, Lin and Kya's relationship, as well as how you tried to keep many of the events that were in the series accurate. Keep it up!
6/7/2017 c12 1Eclipsa-the-Moon
This needs to be continued. I keep reading it because this is written so beautifully.
11/17/2016 c7 3OTrizy
Ahh I feel like Lin should be more angry and all Pema is nice and all but when Lin doesnt like her me neither due to that i also sdislike Tenzin. I dislike a lot of characters due to my weird opinion giving style
11/17/2016 c6 OTrizy
Wow Asami is older than Kuvira, is this age correct ? I feel like it is not but the logic of my brain says that it is true
11/17/2016 c5 OTrizy
Kya is very not responsible leaving her daughter and 'husband' without discussing with Lin and stuff. Are you making readers dislike Kya since it works real well. I would just curse and cry if I would be Lin and not talk to her even if I missed her l would just look at her picture and my memories for reassurance that I would be capable of taking care of my kid. or something like that.
7/21/2016 c12 9JimmyHall24
7/21/2016 c3 JimmyHall24
I would have hung up on Su.
7/21/2016 c2 JimmyHall24
Yeah.. Lin is a better person then me in this situation. I would've threatened to end the relationship. Cause a week or two is one thing.. but a fucking year?
5/6/2016 c12 6Renu
Yeah ! I love it baby kuvira woot woot ! Though I doubt they would actually let Hiroshi take asami since Lin is awake now
1/13/2016 c12 12NazChick
Glad you're back :D
1/1/2016 c11 Guest
You hit it right in the feels - so much desperation in begging for the love of your life to wake up, day after day with no succes but still holding a hope that someday she would, despite some croakers efforts to take her off life support, really those butchers (refusing to call them doctors) would deserve to be ice-block by Katara for the rest of their lives. Just as the fucking bully Kiki should spend a good amount of time buried in the ground. Toph and Su made a wise decision to take her off school.
Thanks for the little happiness in the end :), otherwise this chapter would be a pure heartbreak but greatly written ;)
Can't wait for next chapter (hoping you're gonna include the waking up moment)
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