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for Oblivious In Sheep's Clothing

5/3/2018 c1 1Sd-chan
This was really funny, but I have a couple questions. First, are boys and girls gym clothes really that different in (what I'm assuming to be) Japan? (I say that because San Fransokyo is a combination of San Francisco and Tokyo, and everyone gets the same gym clothes in San Francisco public schools.) Second, do school gyms in (again, assumed to be) Japan often have brick walls and tile flooring? I would think that most inconvenient for gym sports, and potentially painful.
Very creative ways to destroy a gym uniform, though! (I've never seen an incinerator at a public school in the US, but I've heard Japanese schools sometimes do.) And Tadashi being protective akways makes me smile (and occasionally laugh).
Keep up the great work!
9/19/2016 c1 1vielola
Poor thing, his d is probably sticking out, hahaha, I'm horrible, totally embarrassing, but otherwise, humorous.
8/2/2015 c1 10MuteHero86
I like the story but I wish their was a sequel of some sorts since Hiro was oblivious of everything. Though I suppose thats the wgole point
7/14/2015 c1 16HorseTechie
Oh man... this made me have horrible flashbacks about how much I disliked highschool too! Poor, poor Hiro! XD
7/14/2015 c1 Aphrodite433
I have a bad feeling about this...
7/14/2015 c1 Moe
Who can resist Hiro's cute little butt?
7/13/2015 c1 18Morning-Star57
Haha, everyone loves Hiro

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