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for Hearthstop: Run Away With Me

8/22/2019 c5 Guest
1/29/2018 c5 Guest
So, probably trying to revive a long dead story, and you probably will never read it, but I very much like the direction this was going in... lots of foreshadowing in this chapter which made me think that the familias would be joining forces again to hunt down some rogue god/goddess that was purposely poisoning the dungeon...

If there is any chance you DO read this, I would greatly appreciate the story continuing in some way.

Fantastic work so far!
11/8/2015 c3 5Adjudicato
Loving it thus far. The small errors here and there are easily dismissed by the well crafted plot. This one moves at a much better pace, though still a little fast for my taste.

9/15/2015 c5 Guest
I like where this is going and hope you will update soon.
7/28/2015 c5 Agent Nine
Dafug is Aiz doing? O_O
7/27/2015 c4 malther7
Just amazing!
At first I read Dinner for Two just for the romance between Bell and Liliruca, but throughout my reading I soon realize that the story is actually really good!
When I saw that you were making a sequel I was so happy, your writing, your knowledge of the story and the characters is amazing, your fanfiction is like to me the the true sequel. It's really really good!
Keep up the good work! I'll be sure to read it, thank you for making something like this!
7/23/2015 c3 alice
enjoying the continuation
7/16/2015 c2 Agent Nine
Hephaestus' punishment was much too cruel.

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