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for The B-Plot: Another Side, Another Story

11/15/2020 c21 ays102
You really got me into Stargate x fandom stories with this. I really hope u decide to continue this cuz it’s soooooooo good!
8/12/2020 c21 1Bananabella
Chsyhjgeuvgv please continue I want to see them get their asses BEAT
6/23/2020 c30 2Silvanon of the Orchard
I love Kei shenanigans XD
6/23/2020 c30 Sammy-K-W
Loved this chapter! Very happy you updated! I always love your stories with Kei and the gang. I really enjoyed the CR crossover and hope you plan on continuing that storyline. It does seem that I'm a sucker for any story with Kei and Kakashi together.
6/22/2020 c30 kylC
That Ace and Kei interaction was oddly endearing? Isobu has no right being that cute? This chapter was really wholesome and was an absolute treat to read, especially after a hellish finals week. Thank you so much for all the effort! Every update absolutely makes my day.
6/21/2020 c30 Momochan77
I love the crossover AU type stories/shorts! They’re hilarious! And epic! See you next update!
6/21/2020 c30 7BlushLover930
Yes! It's always amazing to read your Kei stories! I loved this :3
6/21/2020 c30 OneWhoReadsTooMuch
Oh my goodness, Kei and Isobu are so damn adorable here! Isobu for being a chibi and just loving all the compliments and Kei for being her socially awkward self. I'm confused as to why Fu seems to hate Kei so much though?
6/15/2020 c27 Sammy-K-W
9/1/2019 c29 kylC
can you believe that this crossover was the main reason I finally got off my ass and started watching the second campaign? because that's exactly what happened
6/18/2019 c24 mickeysofine
If you have to warn us, it's probably not a good idea.
5/4/2019 c7 12katydid001
So reading the original and this version, they both made me cry. they're both written beautifully.
4/1/2019 c29 Butterfly Wings Chaos Theory
very surreal chapter. RIN is getting a front row seat to KEI & ISOBU hilariously weird and funny friendship. LMAO. what's up with RIN'S creepy dream ? is OBITO in that world or not ? KEI is blowing the [ circus troops ? / carnival troops ? i don't know which is it ? ] group minds. LOL. nice work with this chapter. i can't wait to see what happens next. UPDATE SOON.
3/22/2019 c29 Nobody Smurf
Ah, and another chapter here. You know, if Pakkun ever finds out about this, Kakashi will never live it down.
Kitty!Kei? She could get a lot of mileage out of that one.
3/20/2019 c4 Guest
This was a fascinating read. Even with characters that are introduced, and who die before the end of the chapter, they have a real life to them that's very much a testament to your ability to write.

Not sure whether you like fantasy, but this chapter reminded me of the 'Empire Trilogy' by Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts. That trilogy follows the story of a young woman, Mara, and how she responds to the immense challenges of ensuring the survival of her house after her family are killed off by some of their enemies (like the Asakura in this chapter).

Would definitely love to hear more about Tomoe's side of the family now that Yuki is being introduced in CYB!
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