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for The B-Plot: Another Side, Another Story

3/19/2019 c5 3Lady Leaena
Ahhhh! This chapter is absolutely adorable! I literally cannot stop giggling. Poor Raido(ν)
3/14/2019 c29 WanderingTsunami
I'm really enjoying these, they're fun to read
3/13/2019 c29 Momochan77
Leave it to Kei to find time to pun when bad things are happening! Lol! I wonder if that dream means Obito is gonna find them soon. See you next update!
3/9/2019 c28 Momochan77
Oh dear me! I wonder how Kakashi will handle this when he gets his mind back! And Kei is doing the right thing in my opinion. There’s not a whole lot she can do for other people when the ones she cares about need her more. See you next update!
3/9/2019 c28 Butterfly Wings Chaos Theory
wow. i have no words to describe how i'm feeling right now except this chapter was interesting. i hope they get a break soon. good job on this chapter. anyway UPDATE SOON
3/9/2019 c21 Seyuuu
My favorite xover mainly because everything Kei usually is...Love to see it continued
3/8/2019 c28 KuroHinata
ah. forgot which xover this is. will reread.
3/8/2019 c28 5Renee.Sarah
Lovely, and plausible (sadly enough for Kakashi).
3/5/2019 c27 Renee.Sarah
I kind of want to know what happened. Tis well written.
2/28/2019 c21 Brenden1k
You cannot leave us on this cliffhanger it is cruel and unusual you magnificent bastard.
12/30/2018 c27 Nobody Smurf
Werewolves? It ain't a D&D campaign without a random encounter.
Wait, Kakashi? Bwahahaha! Now that is how to play fetch. Poor boyfriend will never live it down.
If this pattern holds...then Obito is a tree?
Undead. Joy.

I do hope you finish this one. Thank you.
12/30/2018 c26 Nobody Smurf
Ooh, Rin gets to have an adventure with Kei this time. :)
Isobu miming with Rin. Why am I reminded of Chucky?
Oh, that isn't foreboding.
12/30/2018 c25 Nobody Smurf
That's our little Miss Lethal.
12/30/2018 c24 Nobody Smurf
Well, this is a reversal. And of course Isobu is dangerous, not matter what size he is.
12/8/2018 c6 Karma-Chan
Rin is giving me all sorts of poly vibes and iT'S FREAKING ADORABLE-
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