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17h c194 2magicalalice
Oh my lanta oh my lanta oh my goodness gracious I can't even...
Okay so I can even but holy guacamole! Indie! I FINALLY got ALLLLLL caught up! I literally think I just read at least 40ish chapters and I JUST COULDN'T PIT IT DOWN! I WAS SO HOOKED MY PHONE DIED ONCE BECAUSE I COULDN'T STOP! My dear friend this fic has held me captivated for literal years! I have so many feelings and I am absolutely ridiculously in love with FTT! The major life events these wix (still love the use of wix by the way) has cultivated some of THE BEST character arcs I have EVER had the pleasure of reading! The magnificent world you created for the Potter family is absolutely astounding and I am speechless at how much I adore this fic! Congratulations on making it 6 years with FTT it has been such an adventure to read and I know you will continue to unravel the mysterious life of Hermione Potter, I CANNOT wait for her arrival! (Part of me wonders if she'll have ended up in Australia since that's where she sent her biological parents and like Draco ended up near Harry because of blood magic weirdness. I have so many thoughts on this)
But this most recent chapter holy cow! I LITERALLY was in tears at the end and I literally don't cry! I LOVED the scene of the Marauders eating breakfast and James' french toast with jam obsession. So so soooo happy that Draco and Harry are going to be able to have a positive relationship and I'm beyond pleased that Harry got his "why you" emotional mess delt with (at least somewhat, I feel like the jealously could possibly rear it's head again) but so happy Draco made it back to the present!
Xoxo Magical Alice
23h c4 RillaBlytheWrites
I’m enjoying this so far! I like that Hermione had a loophole in the wizard’s oath. It said she couldn’t share details that would prevent the future events from unfolding, but not that she couldn’t actively prevent the future from happening as it had in her past.

I’m sure it’s been mentioned before, but there’s a continuity error here. Dumbledore said the trace would be gone when they turned 17 on December 5th, but they were already 18 when they went back in time, if they were, indeed, going back to Hogwarts for 8th year after the war.
10/22 c194 mugglegirl3131
Another amazing chapter! loved how you worked their chat in. i cant wait for you to update again and for when everyones reunited. im excited to read how draco will have his reunion with blaze and theo! your updates are always a light to my life xoxo
10/22 c194 AuntCori
AAAAAA! I'm trying not to cry as I'm in a restaurant reading this. Can't wait for the chapter where Harry sees Draco's memories!
10/20 c194 Gemini.Rae
AGHHH The end of this had me literally crying so you know thanks for that lol. But literally thanks for this in general! Lovely as always!
10/20 c194 20TsukaReta-15
Sometimes I feel like you were cruel to Draco making him misserable to be the one todisappear' last but be the one to back to others. I get it thoughtalways waiting for your update...
10/20 c194 Krazyasibe
Ahhhh I'm dying
10/20 c194 dramonie1028
What chapter do you think Hermione will be back?
10/20 c194 FabinaForever11
I'm glad that Draco and Harry had their talk!

Awesome chapter!
10/20 c194 Anthro79
Oh this chapter made me cry
10/20 c194 GMGaby
Gosh this hit me in the feels. Draco is mourning his brother and finally has his nephew to hug and care for.
It’s interesting to see Draco much more mature, and not jaded but certainly experienced and in possession of that calm that comes with being older and in peace with his decisions, in a way that is highlighted when he talks to Harry.
10/20 c194 nanny922
This chapter was absolutely perfect. Oh my goodness I’m crying. So absolutely moving. Even with Draco and Minnie, but Draco and Harry omg!
10/20 c194 LooneyLuna15
I really love this chapter, I definitely felt like they needed this conversation before Hermione came back. It's more genuine this way instead of someone possibly feeling like it was forced for Hermione's sake. Can't wait for more!
10/20 c193 LaylaOwlette14
i miss her..
10/20 c193 Guest35
Poor Draco, I hope Hermione comes back soon! I’ve been following this story for a long time, and it’s definitely been worth the wait for the chapters! You’re doing a great job
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