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for Arrow's Flashpoint (Being Rewritten)

5/17/2016 c20 Guest
This story is perfect! Pleeaaase take it off hold! Its amazing and well written! And for everything I've been looking for in a fabrication! Pleeaassee continue.
4/25/2016 c20 5friedriceforlife
This is a really great fic and I really hope that you decide to come back to it soon with the next chapter!
3/30/2016 c20 L
please update!
2/21/2016 c20 12Ambiguous Cake
I really enjoyed reading this crazy emotional roller coaster of a story! You integrated the parts you wanted to seamlessly so they almost seemed like they were really part of it, especially Sebastian which I still find hilarious. I know it's been a while since you updated, but if you decided to continue with it, I would definitely continue reading it!
1/28/2016 c20 Demon2Angel
This is a really awesome story I really hope that you update again soon
1/23/2016 c20 46Constance Truggle
Wow! Excellent story (even of I'm not a big fan of Twin!Barry-and-Sebastian), and I would love to know where you were planning on going with it. I hope you update soon, because I am definitely looking forward to more!

12/31/2015 c20 ImaKaraTabiHe
Just wanted to let you know that this is one of my absolute favourite fan fictions! I can't wait to see what happens next. Thank you!
12/12/2015 c20 Ineedmorechapter
You gotta update :0 i cannot deal with not knowing how barry is or what is happening. And please for the love of god Oliver, get your shit together and be with Barry
12/9/2015 c20 LeonardoDiCaprio
More please!
12/7/2015 c20 Michael Sanders
Will there be another chapter?
12/8/2015 c20 Haru Maru Stark Salvatore
Wow great story i love it..:-) ... But oliver is a idiot jaja :-) i love ollie/barry..and sorry oliver/felicity :-[ ...update soon 3
12/6/2015 c20 MusicLover6626
This has to be the best Flarrow story I have ever read. Please update soon! : )
12/3/2015 c9 June Hiryu
Omg omg omg amazing story 10/10 best story
11/21/2015 c20 Guest
Awwww I wish you would update soon. I love and miss this story! One of the best arrow or flash stories I've ever read!
11/5/2015 c20 1WeirdGirl369
I am excited for the next chapter your a good writer I like the story so far.
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