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for Even a Heart

7/23/2018 c1 71DettyisLove
awwww this is sooo beautiful! you could always feel just how much and deeply they love! Charming and Snow. Together. love them and this story so much!
12/9/2015 c1 5Limax25
Be still my heart... Pun intended :)
7/16/2015 c1 95Sara K M
Hi there.

So, two stories from you in one week? Keep it up! (Still love to see your name posted.)

7/16/2015 c1 15Lacorra
SO heart breaking good! How scary for Emma... Snow and David's love... is so... True :)
7/15/2015 c1 10BelovedMaeve
This was lovely. I really enjoyed reading how they "felt" the love for one another and the rest of their family. Emma's reaction was perfect, I love the way she was so fierce and determined not to lose her parents. The bit about handcuffing her parents to the bed (and Snow's stubbornness) made me laugh. I love your Charming family stories, there are so many little touches you add to them.
7/15/2015 c1 Guest
Pure perfection. Thanks.

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