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for Birds in Mid-Summer

6/26/2020 c9 Guest
I really liked this. I read it years ago. I hope you bring it back some day :)
4/13/2017 c9 4KH-Scribes
Well, now I've just got It's A Wonderful Life to read of this series! I don't know what to do until you update one of them!
I love this so much! I feel like I can really sense Rachel and I love it! There were so many good parts to this one!
12/23/2016 c9 Guest
This story was very sweet. When will you continue?
4/3/2016 c9 Guest
I miss this story so much. Please continue it?
12/30/2015 c9 smclendon
Love the story... Please update.
10/30/2015 c9 Guest
I honestly love this so much. Rachel and Lana are absoluty adorable together. I liked their Phone conversation. How Rachel was just smiling like an idiot, I could easily picture it! I like how they are both sort of learning to trust each other, you can tell they would never want to Let one another down.
10/20/2015 c9 a fan
I love this story as a series of cute vignettes that chronicle Lana and Rachel's relationship, but to be honest, I'm not really sure what the over arching plot of this is supposed to be. Like, I get that we're following their love story, but I can't really tell what conclusion you're working toward is. They're already together at this point in the story...so...now what?
10/19/2015 c9 Betteanddot52
lmao Lana is gonna get them in trouble!
10/19/2015 c9 SashaHarman
I thought everyone knew of Lana's sexuality? Especially after the time she lost custody to Johnny
10/19/2015 c9 Loganloganpi
lmao I'm surprised Lana hasn't got them caught yet!
10/19/2015 c9 Makomermaids92
haha I love the way Rachel talks to Doyle about Lana
10/19/2015 c9 Sven97Alo
Haha I love how they just sneak away at work to go kiss! lmao
10/19/2015 c9 Kylievvvv
Ahhh I love it!
10/18/2015 c9 Clewis4ever
I gush so hard every time Lana calls her pretty doll c:
10/18/2015 c9 hypodermicsally
thank you for updating! I missed Lana and Rachel!
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