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6/21 c23 Momonga
Somebody need to put Fate Stay Cooking on TV Tropes and I can't wait for the Third Knife! You should write more about Soma, Megumi, Isshiki, Ikumi, Takumi, Isami, and Joichiro on the Third Knife!
6/17 c23 1.6180339887498948482045868
omg this fic is hilarious. I love erina's constant analysis of the manga world.
6/9 c23 4Shadow Rave
I am just shocked at how RIGHT genre savvy Erina is in this. It’s hilarious. Great job Parcacious.
6/6 c23 Master Megatron
Eishi Tsukasa and Hisako Arato should be involved if Erina and Rindo are going to be involved in the Moonlit World, Magecraft training, and Shirou Emiya/Yukihira on the next chapter
4/23 c23 Guest
Which member of the Elite Ten will appear? And Shirou Emiya use Fuji-nee instead of Taiga-nee
4/5 c23 CH316
Ah. Poor Erina. Welcome to Nasu, equal parts horrifying and slapstick.
4/4 c23 anggiputra515
Hahahaha cool dude. Nice story
3/30 c23 AnimeFan13579
Read through it Erina's explanation is actually rather good for the framework of how it's done and how results can vary. However there's also one term the magi would be familiar with and is noted in Food Wars that would be the final key. It would also be a detail that would help prevent to much degradation of the mystery. The term referring to is conceptual basically something given it's power through a concept. It parallels with Food Wars in the question "What is your reason for cooking". Basically what are you expressing in your cooking what is your goal why are you doing it. The differences between the concept each person would imbue into the food would provide different results .it could be a boost towards a specific type of magecraft instead of an overall boost, pure physical boosting instead of magical boosting. Of course the downside to this field of study likely is that it wouldn't do as much to eat their own food. Reason on that would be since it would be them consuming their own magic with the concept. Basically an outside source is needed to cause the effects. It can also mean though that certain types of food handle specific types of concepts better. That would basically mean that a larger amount of people could learn the craft with different concepts imbued as well as different specialized cuisines. The main reason behind loss of effectiveness comes from many people practicing the same magic. Which is why if there's enough differences between them it could reduce the loss of strength.
3/30 c22 4SkyChaser17
Yep, blasted e rank luck. You and Shirou Waver, you and him dealing with non negotiable woman all your life.

Now be consistent you'll make the two learn magecraft or fake it till you make it Reigen style. I like first and I dare to say the majority too cause why not make Touma learn same brand of magecraft as his older brother did?

Don't tease us and then throw the idea away cause you could. And believe me when I say this Erina and Rindou felt not as them despite retaining core as a character in the manga, well... you expect much after meeting magic and literally books turned from reality, but their daily stuff pretty much from master chef or cooking showdown itself so they should be alright with this arrangement.

Just... Just make it interesting without too many misunderstanding okay?this is great so don't you dare kept repeating same formula over and over, try read the manga itself for fresh inspiration cause you already made the fate counter part a bit of the comedic one instead of the serious part.
3/29 c1 Guest
To that one Guest, shut the fuck up. You obnoxious spammer.
3/27 c23 lordbloodmare
…. But if a lot of people can already cook…. Wouldn’t This be the watered down version?
3/26 c23 Intrigued Shikikan
I really love this story more in particular than your other stories. it's kinda refreshing to see a non battle /action centricFate crossover fic that's actually very very good. love it.
3/25 c1 Guest

www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14011295/1/Caillou-Montana


www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14011295/1/Caillou-Montana
3/25 c23 Ravage of the darkness
thank you for updating ive been waiting for this foe a while
3/24 c23 Rush
Someone get Sakura a scholarship!
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