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for Fate Stay Cooking

23h c1 ShadowMurlock
I’ve been reading this story for a while but I can’t deal with the fact that its title is incredibly funny when though of in modern internet slang XD
3/5 c28 Babboy
Im gonna fucking cry why is this so funny
3/2 c28 Toriko
So did Erina tell Hisako Shirou's Secret Magus Life? I wonder if Rindou Kobayashi is watching Shirou cooking curry? Please let Eishi Tsukasa, Tousuke Megishima, Momo Akanegakubo, Soumei Saitou, Satoshi Isshiki, Terunori Kuga, Etsuya Eizan & Nene Kinokuni know & involved Shirou's Secret Magus Life & moonlit world soon. Also add Megumi Tadokoro & Soma Yukihira know Shirou's Secret Magus Life & moonlit world too!
2/7 c28 Citrine Quartz
Pffff Hahaha. Poor Shirou. A skilled Faker and a HGW survivor he is, he cannot comprehended with the insanity of Food Wars world. XD
2/6 c28 GodsReader15
Everytine I come back to this fic it just gets better and better.
1/29 c28 dogpenis012
1/28 c28 Silber D. Wolf
great chapter
1/28 c28 Chu-chu27
I put off this story for a while thinking it was cancelled/in-hiatus and only picked it up today. And as per usual, i could not put it down. Finihed it in one go and had my version of "foodgasm" from laughing my ass of from the antics these characters get into.

Story: Great. Not as grandiose as your other stories but it doesn't have to be. What carries this story for me is the comedy and to a lesser extent the romance/harem(?). The story is the avenue for this types of encounters to occur, it shouldn't be too serious in my opinion. But you're the driver here and i'm just along for the ride, honestly if you did a 180 for this, i wouldn't mind as long as i get a laugh.

Characters: Good. A few standouts for me is Rin and Luvia, i lover their antics as usual. Erina and Rindo, the manga and comic gag is honestly the best part of this novel for me, i cannot get enough of it. I love the way they improv'd their way out of a potentially deadly situation and Lorelei was the cherry on top. I would love to see more dynamics from Shiro and Soma, their "my bro's a dense SOB" is the 2nd best gag in the story. More interactions from Fate characters and Soma characters are always good, and would love to see more of it.

Comedy: As stated above, it's hilarious.

Overall, one of your funniest writing, it's a damn shame the updates are slow but it's still a blessing we even got this in the first place. Hopefully it gets frequent updates in the future.
1/28 c28 Mugen-Muse
Heh. I imagine more than one chef is thinking "how can we compete with that?!"

Honestly, with the number of people looking to get Shirou for themselves, I wonder if he'll be able to enter and compete at the BLUE. What will his cooking taste like to Mana Nakiri?
1/27 c28 9Sargon Dorsai
OMG that ending. Bwhaa haa haa.

Loved it. Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to the next chapter!
1/26 c18 Guest
this is too good
1/26 c28 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
1/25 c23 3Lostbasin
Honestly, I would read "That Time I Got Hit By Truck-kun And Got Isekaied To A World Of Magic And Monsters Where Only I Am The Strongest While In The Weakest Class As An Apple Peeler; A Lonely Attack On This New World", so long as its a comedy.
1/25 c28 d u n c y
Thank god you've gotten back to the actual Food Wars setting, this is way more entertaining lol
1/24 c28 7death'sgodson1224-DGS
When the clock tower finds out about this...oh dear lord.
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