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1/8 c27 Lugal Kug-ga
Gadayum, fax fr. The kitchen has also become my sanctuary of sorts. No nagging... well sometimes there is. Where I'm alone with my thoughts. It's like meditation I tell ya.
1/7 c27 Nine To One
No death, no bossy woman and no threats to his person. This would be the one time hes wrong haha.
1/7 c27 Bronzebull
Gracias por otra actualización, espero que sigan muchas más muy pronto.
1/7 c27 keybladelight
the theme is curry, then I hope Ciel is the judge or Lorelei is part of the judge need to have more other nasuverse characters to see Shirou cooking. If Ciel eat shirou curry she will be send to heaven and meet the Indian gods of Currys.
1/7 c27 njgronlund
Emiya just be Emiying. XD
1/7 c27 kakaroto1997
Good Chapter
1/7 c27 Shikyo no Kyoufu
I too wish to reach the level of house husbandry.
1/7 c27 4bluefish1945
Noooooooo please one moreee
1/7 c27 Bloodfox22
HAH! Kitchen is life, kitchen is love.
1/7 c27 1Oniele
1/7 c27 4dawnwatch
Shiroe going full Buddha while making Curry. This tracks. Not only do I expect it to be a wonderful dish but also in line because he prepared in a traditional manner.
1/7 c27 3Artful Lounger
Always happy to see an update. I'm just wondering whether or not he'll get a perfect 100. Sucks for Megumi though.

Looking forward to the idea of Shirou versus Mimasaka in the top 8. Good luck trying to get a read on Shirou's past or spying on a guy who is really good at keeping to himself.
1/7 c27 PasiveNox
Great chapter lol shirou
1/7 c27 8Jebest4781
Nice entry with how this went as Shirou is in the zone when it comes to cooking.
1/7 c27 2DannyPhantom619
Can't wait until the judging.
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