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for Fate Stay Cooking

12/2/2023 c7 aGnamZer0
Forgot to mention it last chapter, but I love the idea of Shirou's augmenting his dishes with magic. That he doesn't realize it is even better.

I think I've seen it once. I don't remember in which story. It was probably In-Flight fr Gabriel Blessing or From Fake Dreams by Third Fang, I'm not sure, but regardless, the idea was to reinforce the concept of– well, taste, or sourness, or sweetness or those kind of things to make the food even better.

Looks like Shirou's home will fill in quickly. First Rin and Saber. Then, Taiga (whom I dislike). I suppose Luvia isn't far behind either. People are gonna start to believe he's forming a harem. Plus, a lady that looks like royalty, another that is the heiress of a powerful Yakuza Group and the last that is the heiress of an old and wealthy family. Rin though... yeah, nothing special to comment on, sorry Rin. And then there's Shirou himself who's a mysterious person, who's background is classified and that will soon beat the Eight Seat.

Yep, things are becoming interesting.

Thanks for the chapter.
12/2/2023 c6 aGnamZer0
I was wondering when Rin and Saber would get in the picture. Of course Rin would never say no to free money. Still, I do hope she at least intends to leave one third of that money to Shirou himself. After all, it's him who will win it.

Now that she knows money can be gained in this school, no way she's returning to the Clock Tower any time soon.

And so, the first step of Shirou conquering Totsuki Academy began. Not of his own initiative of course, it's Shirou.

Thanks for the chapter.
12/2/2023 c5 aGnamZer0
Ahah! I love those kind of misunderstandings when the actions of the higher-ups cause people to overestimate the protagonist. Though, here admittedly, I'm not sure if he's truly overestimated.

After all, he's the one who's gonna be The Phantom First Seat. I'm so excited!

Thanks for the chapter.
12/2/2023 c4 aGnamZer0
Ahahah! Erina is truly still an immature little girl. Honestly, how can the Headmaster allow her to judge dishes when she lets her pride override her integrity?

Then again, he's probably observing from the shadows and about to ignore her decisions.

Thanks for the chapter.
12/2/2023 c3 aGnamZer0
Foodgasm, huh? That's certainly an adequate word to describe people in the Shokugeki verse when they eat good food. And poor you are looking like the world's going crazy. I get ya, bro!

I'm a little disappointed Shirou didn't beat the lady's minions a little or call Raiga to destroy her career or something. She truly got the better end of the deal. Not only was there no consequence to her deed, but she even got delicious food.

Thanks for the chapter.
12/2/2023 c2 aGnamZer0
You cheated Shirou... How could either of them resist to this nostalgic dish reminding them of the sole woman of their life? Sneaky little brat!

Thanks for the chapter.
12/2/2023 c1 aGnamZer0
I was wondering how you would mesh Shirou with the Shokugeki verse, besides obviously, Shirou's divine cooking skills, but I really should have seen it coming.

Shirou and Sōma could really be brothers. They're both red hair with mesmerizing golden eyes. They're both around the same height and body type and they're both cute.

If so, why not truly have them be brothers, indeed!

Thanks for the chapter.
11/1/2023 c26 conwear267
This story is great.
10/24/2023 c2 3harashien
So heads up. Mama Yukihara is the equivalent of Taiga. Her pops was a dinner chef, she sucked at cooking and was a Tom boy, legitimately if you put Joichiro in a room with taiga it could be funny with him going “you are like the daughter I waist I had” kinda thing.
10/22/2023 c14 Exodus12345
Well Shirou is now ruined. He can't fight anymore since his one thing that made him special is gone. He is nothing more then a pest the church and the Clocktower would eliminate for using Magecraft in the open like that regardless if anyone could tell he was doing so since it is still a risk and he can't even fight back now.
10/22/2023 c9 Exodus12345
Oh god please do not have him give up his dream and become a weakling. He can work cooking into it but if he gives up his combat potential then his Unlimited Blade Works will be wasted.
10/22/2023 c5 Exodus12345
Need more Rin and Saber since by this point he is sleeping with both of them.
10/20/2023 c4 tank2u1wood
Lol shirou being aware of the oddity of food wars is actually hilarious
10/18/2023 c26 3The Richmaster
And Waver arrives; curious to see how much of himself he sees in Shirour... especially given the accidental overlap in their fields of magecraft that anyone can do

Gray being here may also cause some confusion
10/18/2023 c24 The Richmaster
Sakura arrived... and she's mad he didn't invite here to the point of going shadowed
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