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1/24 c28 Cesar Dragneel
In general I like the story, I'm more used to fighting but a change of pace is good. I've read that many don't like the inclusion of fate characters or that their improved cooking lacks grace. This is mainly a fate fic and I feel that if Shirou's character loses a food fight it would not affect him, the character has a defect that is difficult to overcome and that is the little ego and pride he has. If he loses he won't get better I feel like the correct attitude would be that he wouldn't care. From the beginning of the story he was dragged to the academy and the inclusion of the clock tower is only a way to keep the character in the academy and have him cook with a reason beyond doing it because he can.
1/24 c28 4Wilted12
Now that ive read the most recent chapter, i will say that ill recind some of my recent criticisms. I think the problem i have is that for the first half of this fic it was too focused on the Fate characters/aspects. However, after i moved passed that and the story focused more on the cooking aspect, which is what drew me to this story in the first place, i wasnt as conflicted as I used to be.

Still, im not the biggest fan of the Clock Tower sideplot going on, and Im still not a fan of the inclusion of Rin, Luvia, and Arturia. I know it makes sense for them to be here but im not a fan of how their written. Plus Artoria has barely done anything, and if feels like if she never appeared the story would be no different. I think i dislike the whole "magic-infused food" thing a lot less, but i still believe Shirou's own skill and his use of structural analysis to cook was enough. Considering the importance of it to the Clock Tower plot though, i understand why it exists.

Criticisms of the story aside and more commentary on the current arc, i hope Shirou loses despite the current stakes. I dont want him to lose for the sake of it. I want him to lose so he grows the desire to improve. The best part of Shokugeki no Soma is that Soma was allowed to lose. From there, he grew the drive to become a better cook and I hope to see the same thing in Shirou. Other than that, i cant wait to see the next chapter.
1/24 c28 Floating Ash
XDXDXD Hahahhaha! Thank yiu so much for the new chapter for this fic! XDXDXD
1/24 c15 Wilted12
I'm conflicted on this story. On one hand, i really like the idea that Shirou is going down an entirety different route because of cooking. Also, good shokugeki crossovers are few and far between and this one is written really well.

On the other hand, i find Arturia, Rin, and Luvia's presence somewhat annoying. So far, they haven't really contributed to the overall story or Shirou's character. They feel like comedic relief that occasionally get up to some mischief. I'd like to see Shirou interact with the Shokugeki characters more, as it feels a bit lopsided at the moment. My last gripe is a bit of a pet peeve, but im not a huge fan of Shirou's cooking being enhanced by magecraft. It feels like his cooking is only amazing because of that and not because of his own skill. I want him to lose some food wars so he could improve at his own cooking, but with how this is setup that might not happen. Anyway, im only halfway though this fic which isnt complete yet so these are just my current thoughts so maybe they might change.
1/24 c28 3harashien
I love this so much
1/24 c28 kirito3229sao
Shirou x lorelei
1/24 c28 NotLeviathan

The foodgasm jokes never get old. Better hope none of the harem heard what orie said.

Erina is right with the manga tropes like always.
1/24 c28 SilverCrow
fufufuhuahahahahahahahaha suggar mommy hahahahaha n.n

Rin and Luvia $_$ $_$
1/23 c28 codeninja676
Noo I'm caught up and just as the plot is picking up why does this happen every time. Fun chapter love how Shirou's literally magic cooking turns everything pro chefs know on its head.
1/23 c28 ReverseTrapEnthusiast
Since shirou can use the skills of his traced projections, it won't surprise me if Gil had everything and the kitchen sink in there, so a legendary pot shouldn't be out of the question, either he or Emiya (during his many deployment for the counter force) could have seen a spork noble phantasm

Considering the aldini bros got their moon knife, I feel like Shirou could bring around an empty suitcase and whenever he needs to trace a special kitchen tool he could trace it inside the empty case and then bring it out.
1/23 c28 2MongoStomp910
Two updates so soon!? Awesome. Hopefully you make this one of your main stories from here on out after all the neglect this amazing fic has gotten from you over the years lol
1/23 c28 Gilgamesh50
Great Chapter?
1/23 c28 Ranmaleopard
As always this is just really awesome and I can't wait for more!
Love the cliffhanger at the end!
1/23 c28 2Blast Ketchup

Thanks for the chapter!
1/23 c28 Guest
Fate Stay Cooking need to be on Tv Tropes!

I hope the final 4 of Block B will be Shirou, Hisako, Alice, and Megumi. I hope after the curry competition, that Erina will introduce Hisako Shirou's magecraft secret and the Moonlit World with Alice and Ryo discovering Shirou's secret by accident.
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