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1/23 c28 24NewMystery356
Erina’s internal monologue was funny as hell, strangely wholesome, but what stole the show was Orie “propositioning” Shirou like that. I feel like that’ll be happening a lot~ That, and Shirou’s “sanity filter” will be getting a real workout. Wonder how Alice and Hisako will react to final judging~
1/23 c28 E
Banger story, still. God, the premise is so dumb, but I love it.

I await more, as always.
1/23 c28 3HellcatAkane
Are you Emiya Shirou because you can cook, or because you can cook you are Emiya Shirou?

Sensei arc are always shorter Erina mostly because they are mostly just a stepping stones for the main character to deliver the final punch.

just hope in two or three chapters your shirou won't be Shi rou.
1/23 c28 Naruto420
Haha. Poor Shirou is like "No it can't be true. I refuse to believe it. no. NOOOO!"
1/23 c28 Peroroncino
HAHAHAHA the Last Parts made me laugh HAHAHAHA
1/23 c28 Jack1nTheBox
lmao. harem protagonist energy strikes again.
1/22 c28 Uday Sra
1/22 c28 deathreapsonce
well then...

someone is definitely throwing her gauntlet into the ring...
1/22 c28 8Jebest4781
Great chapter and loved how it went. Obviously the ending was disturbing but understandable to fit with the humor.
1/22 c28 1Dimihd
Next I think there should be a real queen coming out. Know your place, Ori.
1/22 c28 4Maglad
Okay, I chuckled. Well played. Well played indeed.
1/22 c28 6Rankin de Merthyr
Rin, Saber, Luvia, Sakura, etc. GET IN LINE, YOU HUSSY!"
1/22 c28 jarc503okami
Ese final de capítulo, no me lo esperaba, divertido.
1/22 c28 One Happy Birb
Pfft! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! that last part got me laughing! WTF! That was effing priceless! Ahahahahahaha!
1/22 c28 12SanguisAnima
... Not gonna lie, that "I'll be your sugar mommy" line is bound to flabbergast/confuse/surprise/(insert preferred term here) and is definitely going to make its way around. Fairly quickly, I'd even say.
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