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for Long may they reign

3/1/2018 c2 BlerBlerBler
This was an original promising story! Please come back!
10/26/2015 c2 rlokareddy
this is intriguing. Hope you plan to continue. My hopes for Francis having a long life. Yay! you will be my life saver
8/3/2015 c2 Guest
This is so good
7/27/2015 c2 RazorLlama
Excited for what' gonna happen next! :D
7/23/2015 c1 fangirlove
very short but intresting
i was just thinking about this plot, and then i saw this fanfic and it is very nice
i would like to hear the rest.
7/17/2015 c2 Guest
I hope that Marie Nadine and her husband married for love. I hope that her husband Alex is waiting for her when she gets back.
I can't wait to read what Francis and Mary think about Marie and what Marie thinks about the 16th century.
7/16/2015 c1 daydreamingkitty
Interisting ..would love to read the rest

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