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1/31 c48 Ace6014
2nd time reading through and both times this chapter managed to bring me to tears.
1/28 c172 Guest
This is an awesome story, please update it soon!
1/26 c143 Guest
Please finish this amazing story!
1/27 c172 4jgkitarel
And thus a god dies, truly dies. This was an action that the Old Gods didn't do because they wanted to, nor was it one that Ned was keen on. It was something that had to be done, and none of those involved did so lightly.

Congratulations Ned, you're now a Godslayer. And I bet that what was done was something you wish was not necessary. One does not kill a god lightly.
1/26 c172 Ricci615
I've been waiting for this chapter and you did not disappoint. Can't wait to see what's next!
1/24 c170 Guest
Please update this amazing story soon!
1/22 c152 48reppad98
Oh, more old relics are found! I'm curious what special powers that armor will have. And Lysa is with Jon again... I wonder how that trial is going to end. Thank you for this chapter and I'll read the next chapter soon!
1/22 c151 reppad98
Ooh, such interesting things about what was going on with the Mountain. Scary things, but interesting. Someone is after a Stark... But I wonder which Stark and with what reason. There are enough possibilities, after all. And Jaime has arrived at the Wall! I had forgotten Aemon Targaryen's eyes had been healed. He's such a great character. I bet he and Jaime can have many interesting conversations. Continuing on!
1/19 c172 ironhair
Wow. What a chapter...and dang, that's the last chapter for now.
Wishing you good health and hope all is well with you and your wife.
1/17 c167 ironhair
Ouch. That would be traumatic.
1/15 c141 ironhair
Who was the boy?
1/14 c128 ironhair
What happened with bear island btw?
1/12 c172 snetto2013
Obrigado pelo capítulo.
Claro que Euron tinha que escapar. Nada é fácil.
Mas se bem que Willas vacilou. Poderia que jogado a lança quando Euron estava lutando com a proteção da Torre. Isso com certeza o enfraqueceria mais, podendo até ter dado a chance de Ned acertar um golpe direto na cabeça.
Tô ansioso pelos próximos capítulos.
Oberyn em castelo black e conhecendo seu futuro genro kkkkk espero que seja massa.
1/12 c172 j.a.b.nijenhuis
that was one epic chapter
1/12 c97 ironhair
Wow. What is behind that door?
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