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1/25 c155 Guest
six weeks is way to long to go without reading an update to this utter masterpiece of a story. but that said, you made it worth the wait, and the funny parts of the story were utterly hilarious. like i said, this story is a true masterpiece of storytelling. i almost wish this was cannon, it is the closest i have ever seen anyone come to GRRM's writing style, your tone of voice in the story mimicks his almost perfectly. great story and chapter, keep it up and don't abandon it please.
12h c155 Silver566
With Targaryen sentimentality now effectively nonexistent and perhaps to further himself from his targaryen lineage, would/will Robert return the Baratheon name to Durrandon? I know hes wielding Stormbreaker but it (to me) seems weird that hes a Baratheon wielding it. Because if as youve put in the story for him to be Storm King that may mean he will need to identify more as a Durrandon than a Baratheon?
Ah well im just rambling, looking forward to see how it pans out.
12h c155 aussieKayz
Great chapter
14h c155 4MarsNeptune
Thank you for the new chapter.
Be safe and keep your family safe.
Don't worry about the updates, you can give us a chapter per month and that would be alright.
Good bye.
1/24 c72 Bob
How Exactly is this Story Rated K? It should at least be Teen, and probably Mature.
16h c155 MattKennedy
Yay for the dragons starting to fly. :)
19h c155 59Nimbus Llewelyn
He who passes the sentence should swing the sword. Still, I don't envy THAT conversation...

Dany's growing up, and the Ironborn should be... interesting.
22h c155 InfinityMask
Lol! The ending is very funny.

I wonder if Robert would allow Danny to go back to westeros or not. And who would be her pairing.

Jon A really pitiful huh? At least he still have heir unlike in some other stories.
1/26 c155 iacopo.passerini
Ah molto bene un capitolo tranquillo! Vediamo Jonh affrontare sua moglie e capire i problemi, poi c'è Denerys con i suoi draghi e che inizia a mostrare la parte migliore di se preoccupandosi degli immacolati, poi finalmente arriviamo sulle isole di ferro e iniziamo a prepararci alla lotta con la capitale e i guai!
1/26 c155 9Arian Arch
Hey! Thank you for posting an update.

This is probably going to sound stupid, but i first started reading Robb Returns when i was 22 now I am 28. I'm not sure if it's still appropriate for me to read fanfiction but i convince myself that its ok to read fanfiction since i'd read the Winds of Winter and the last book in A song of Ice and Fire series as well if i ever came out.

It's just my opinion that even though we are 155 Chapters in to the story, it sometimes feels that we haven't made a whole lot of progress in the Story. To an extent i do feel that the secret of Cersei's and Jamie's relationship coming out could have been the end of Book 1 - but i was wondering if you'd given it any thought on how many more chapters there are going to be.

All the best! and look forward to reading more.
1/25 c155 8ZenJack
All Joy! Don't quit on this saga!
1/25 c155 Pygmy Hippo
This is a great chapter!
1/25 c155 12Indiana Jackson
I cheer everytime this comes up in my emails
1/25 c155 Trey of the rebellion
1/25 c155 9Dragon Man 180
Nice chapter, but I hope that Danny and her dragons have a happier life than in the books. I can’t wait to see more of how things go in the Iron Islands!
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