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1/14 c130 MattBlack
I hope everybody converts back to the old gods... The Seven feels like a really invasive religion, plus I'm not overly fond with "holy" wars, like the crusades or jihad etc.
1/14 c125 MattBlack
All the times you use the word stolidly... You sure you don't mean stoically?
1/14 c135 bobthebuilding
Ok all awesomeness of Cersei finally having a lesson in reality from daddy dearest- and my opinion of this version of Tywin improving with his admitting the Rains of Castamere was a mistake-, Kitty Maester Tommen owner of Ser Pounce is *easily* the best, most excellent happy ending for Tommen I have ever read in any fanfic. Because I genuinely believe Tommen would actually be happy being a Kitty Maester. Some fics have him become a knight, which I find doesn't fit his kind naïve nature, others have him become some Lord of this or that, which again he would not be happy as. But Kitty Maester? I can absolutely picture Tommen in some random room in the Citadel, with books and notes and charts of cats surrounding him, kindly telling his fellow Maesters he has no time to go out for drinks with them because he must "go to the kittyhold" to check on the latest breeding results or something along those lines. Kitty Maester Tommen best Tommen 10/10.
1/14 c120 bobthebuilding
I know a lot of people feel Trial by Combat is unfair since if you're a noble and your accuser is a peasant even if you can't wield a blade well you can just name a knight for a champion and win. But that's where a Trial by Seven can come in, it's a Trial by Combat but with seven people on each side. The accused person has to first get seven fighters to champion for/with him (which is less likely than just one), and the accuser with six other allies has more of a chance to win. Less likely if there a peasant, sure, and it's still unfair, but it's more fair than relying on the highest noble present judging since they're likely to rule in favor of a noble over a peasant anyway.
1/14 c113 bobthebuilding
Ned being a rape victim destroys the weight of him, in canon, having kept his virtue secretly even until death. I almost stopped reading this story then and there, even though this is my favorite GoT fic and I have have read easily 50. Severely disappointed by the author, Ned and Lyanna both being rape victims is bullsh*t, goes against canon, and adds no value to the story. Boo. Bad author.
1/13 c96 bobthebuilding
"the valour of the Stormlands and the Riverlands" Lol aka your regions are not important enough to have something that the North needs.
1/13 c84 bobthebuilding
Too many ice ant demons dancing up and down spines 3/10. /s
1/11 c163 yesboss21
Can i request fir Ned Stark and Willas Tryell next?
1/6 c163 2Western Witch
I have missed your updates. I've just finished reading this story...again lol. I hope things are going ok and that you can post another chapter soon.
1/4 c163 Guest
Nice chapter, I enjoyed it.
1/2 c25 Guest
story and the telling of it is brilliant!
1/2 c163 lala
Merci pour le chapitre !
1/1 c163 Guest
Perfect way to start 2022. Thanks for the update.
1/3 c163 Pygmy Hippo
Very curious what Robb and Bran will find behind the crypt wall
12/31/2021 c163 Guest
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