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3/1 c174 Sebine
You forgot to bold Edmure in this chapter
3/1 c177 Kushboss
I re read this constanly the story is so much better then the original. I lookforward to every chapter you put out thank you for writing this
2/29 c159 Sebine
2/29 c177 TSFreedom
Great chapter .
2/28 c116 Sebine
Ygritte is so precious
you just wanna hug her and pat her head
2/27 c177 jeremiahkelley93
Great story so y.
2/25 c177 16thesadisttensaifuji
Hi, new reader here. I've probably re-read this story three or four times, apologies that I only got to reviewing it now. I've read plenty of War of the Five Kings AUs, and when you read too many of them you just get bored at a certain point with the same general plot. I thought this one would be the same, judging from the title and the summary, but I'm so glad it isn't. Focusing on the magic part of the story is an awesome idea to give a fresh direction to all the tired elements we've seen plenty of times before.

But the best part of this story is the characterizations, both of the canon characters and OCs. I love your Robert - all too often he's been portrayed as a villain and Rhaegar the hero, but your decision to take the whole RLJ for what the story said it is (Rhaegar a kidnapper and a rapist) is so simple and yet so, so effective. There have been plenty of theories assuming Rhaegar is a good guy and offering justifications for what he did, but I find them all a tad complicated even when I tried to think of it myself. Yours was a much better idea in its simplicity - Rhaegar was wrong but he thought he was doing the right thing. I love Robert as the king to face the Long Night - rationally, he's much better at war than Rhaegar was. It seems fitting that a Storm King will be the one to lead Westeros in the war against the Others, because as one other fic said, "a prince is not a king." The Prince That Was Promised very likely has a different role than to sit the Iron Throne.

I love your OCs, too, and the pairings in this story as well. Allarion Lannister and Sarella Sand are so entertaining - Oberyn has been hating Lannisters for so long only to have his daughter fall in love with one, the irony! Robb and Val, Bronn and Ursula, Jon and Ygritte, even Bran and Quicksilver all got me invested. Heck, even Stannis and Selyse's relationship here is poignantly touching.

I also love the change in the destiny of many characters - Bran instead of becoming the Three Eyed Raven will instead become a stonesinger, like his namesake, Arya fully growing into her warg powers that were only hinted on in the books, Willas Tyrell getting healed and leading the Reach, Gendry a runesmith. Edric Dayne as Ned's son is interesting as well - not sure how likely this is the case in canon, but it makes sense to tie the Sword of the Morning more firmly with the North. House Dayne is so interesting in canon but they are hardly tied to the main plot threads, especially with the Long Night (and with a sword named Dawn, whyever not?)

Sorry if I'm rambling, I just love how you have reworked the tapestry of the ASOIAF in this story of yours and I really enjoy reading it. Looking forward to how the story develops.
2/24 c176 4Houses of The Unholy

That's literally how the ASOIAF was written
2/19 c80 kirosyamcha
There are soooo many points of view story is well written and they are well connected though but there is definitely no main character or if so barely.
2/19 c177 9sherryola
Thanks for the update. As always it leaves me loving what was there and wanting more. Good ideas from selmy. loved the father and daughter reunion too. I'm glad your publisher is gone and very sorry to hear about your dog.
2/18 c177 4MarsNeptune
Greetings from Paraguay!
Nice to see you.
I hope the next months will be fair to you and your family.
Take your time for the next chapter; seems to me it's gonna be a big one!
2/18 c177 3Minna Vipera
Glad to have you back, and all the love to your pupper with hopes for a speedy recovery! And good riddance to the backstabber… Great chapter as always, I’m not surprised Dacey is already pregnant
2/18 c177 Moose16364
We demand to see more Robb Stark
2/18 c177 rmw5763
Damn, looking forward to reading another chapter. Love this Tale ! Don't stop now ️
2/17 c177 9cliff.west
great update. 49 is way better than 7.
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