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for Masquerading As Your Best Friend

11/27/2020 c1 RandoUser777
Ron is an idiot. He gives terrible advice. Why did Harry ask him for help?
7/22/2020 c21 N2Vamps
Amazing story, I enjoyed it immensely.
5/10/2020 c1 Guest
Loved this story! This version of Hermione and Harry is a treat. Saw that you haven’t written in a while. I hope you come back to it as your style and humor are so good and if you do, I hope you write more Hermione/Harry stories. But, in any case, thanks for writing this happy fluffy piece. Enjoyed it a lot.
4/29/2020 c4 4Dave18357
this is one of the really good stories in , ligit, this is one of those that are almost perfect. Good writing, good story telling, and good direction. Love the characters. Keep it up!
12/27/2019 c15 G Fawkes
Wedding this. Wedding that. Eat, sleep, f*ck. Still no plot. I'm out.
12/27/2019 c14 GF
ugh! ! I dislike Ginny so badly I would rather have Fudge and Umbridge shagging, and hear the play by play, then have to think of Harry banging that gold-digging, love-potioning, just waiting to be a fat, screaming harpy- Ginny. (blechhhh)(vomits)
12/27/2019 c13 GF
Still nothing happening as far as a PLOT. No bad guys. No fights. No spellfire. I'm a bit more 'action adventure' than this. Think I might have to skim ahead and see.
12/27/2019 c12 GF
man! Your ideas about liking Snape are whack! Not- 'quit reading' whack, or- 'I hate you' whack, just seriously effed up. Snape TORTURED Harry with legilmancy, leaving his brain mush, so that Voldydickhead could trick him, getting Sirius killed! There is NO forgiving that, EVER!
And really... NO naming any spawn 'Severus'. That's f*cked up, and JKR was f*cked up putting it in her epilogue. Usually Canon is the rules to live by, but when something is THAT messed up, 'F' it!
12/26/2019 c10 GF
is there going to be any actual PLOT in the next eleven chapters or just a bunch of 'visit friends- then shag, visit family-then shag' over and aver, rinse repeat.
12/26/2019 c9 G Fawkes GoBucks
"yellows and purples always go together"?

Secret LSU fan maybe? Hmmm? Well, just remember your quarterback never started at Ohio State, and he wouldn't have THIS year, either. OSU takes down overrated Clemson this saturday, and then... if LSU even gets by Oklahoma, then they get the best, nastiest, bad-ass defense in the country, THE Ohio State University, for the National Championship!
Purple and yellow... Pttttttttttttttttt! (blows raspberry with tongue out)
12/20/2019 c2 GF
'I' have an idea that might make Harry more attractive to girls... SHOWER after waking up hung over. Or even if you weren't drunk, still, SHOWER once in a while! and maybe scourgify your clothes before putting them BACK on over your two day underwear. Maybe spell them babies clean, too! Godz! A toothbrush for himself wouldn't be a bad idea.
12/20/2019 c1 GF
When did (mo)Ron, moron, get it, ever learn to use the phone, or move somewhere that had one?! Way OoC. But then you kinda' explained it. And it's still not believable. Where is he even living that HAS phones?

Why would ANYONE (sane) have THAT conversation with Ron effing 'Emotional range of a Teaspoon' Weasley?!
6/28/2018 c21 2BeautifulBanian
I love this story. I swear I've read it before, but this time, it really resonated with me, because I married MY best friend on New Years this year! Loved it!
6/19/2018 c1 Samantha
Be careful about issues such as content, language and legalities, but you're quite talented.
1/20/2018 c1 Guest
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