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1/23 c13 OlivierMira89
Quite entertaining story. Characters are OOC, but still somehow true to orginal. Some moments are really funny (e.g. how Phoebus threw Esmeralda's bra at Frollo xD). I really like it. Maybe you'd return to this story one day, I hope so.
10/14/2020 c13 2LeslieTheSorceress
So many of my favorite old fanfics are updating after years because of quarantine, and I’m SO happy that this was one of them! As always, this fic is absolutely hysterical, and the characters are just OOC enough to be funny and relatable while still being very true to who they are in the films. Maddie and Quasi are absolutely adorable and I hope they don’t stay separated for too long, and as always Esmeralda is a wonderful, relatable protagonist. The question of “what if Esmeralda hadn’t escaped from Notre Dame” is such a cool concept to play with in a fic, and I’m surprised no one has done so already! Nicely done.

Also, that guest reviewer who told you to undo all of your writing and make this a Quasi/Esmeralda fic is out of their freaking mind; this is your story that you’re choosing to share with the world and you can do literally whatever you want with it. Mic drop. Obama out.

Looking forward to the next installment!

8/19/2020 c7 Nathan Boswell
AW, COME ON! I was wanting Esmeralda to choose Quasimodo! He is so much more deserving of her than that monster, Frollo! Please, re-write this, owleyes1213. I love it, but please change it into a Quasimodo x Esmeralda story. PLEASE?
6/8/2020 c13 3AliceCulen
Wow, I read your story in one go or so ! Usually, I read HP or PP fanfictions but, since I watched the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, I was curious if someone dared to write about the relationship between Esmeralda and Frollo. Your summary was enticing and I was not, at all, disappointed! I love the way you depict Frollo. In many ways, he reminds me of Severus Snape (I think it comes from their common tortured soul and story. After all, they all loved a woman but this love was not exactly shared) and maybe, it's because of this aspect I love Frollo (I must say the French version, and the best (I'm French but objectively it's the best), of "Hellfire" helped too). So, I'm looking forward reading the next chapter and once again, bravo and thank you!
5/26/2020 c13 4villains-doitbetter
Damn, I wish I had reviewed this sooner (you know how finals are). Glad to see this story getting a new coat in the form of another chapter :D
First of all, I gotta say that I don't know what's in that vial, but I'll take two! Second, always fun to see characters coming to blows. And (given the current situation) now I finally understand the essence of cabin fever. I'm sorry to see Madellaine go so soon, especially when they should stay hunkered down.
You have us plenty to think about (and worry about!) since you've returned. Here's to more of this story to come!
5/13/2020 c13 32HeadIntheCloudsForever
Yay, finally a new segment! Glad to see Esmeralda come to terms with how ridiculous Claude is becoming, hopefully those two can have a real conversation without emotions getting the better of themselves.

Claude’s not going to be pleased our Sun God has taken an interest in everyone’s favorite gypsy and I sense tensions could arise if the judge learns of that.

Noo Madellaine you are not allowed to return to Sarousch! You belong in the cathedral with Quasi! Something tells me we’ve not seen the last of her, I hope. Would be interested in learning if Sarousch’s angle is still the same. Perhaps since he would technically classify as a “gypsy”, Claude could take interest and look to arrest the troupe and Madellaine would have a reason to return and claim sanctuary again and get even closer to Quasi? Her growing relationship with Quasi is so cute! I hope Quasi will gain some much needed confidence soon! He is much too adorable a cinnamon roll to stay alone in his towers!

Don’t worry about rushing to update with the next few chapters! Quality over quantity in the end, and no matter when the next few chapters will post, they will have been worth the wait.

Take care!

4/25/2020 c12 HeadIntheCloudsForever
As someone who has followed the story from the beginning, I look forward to reading more one day. Your grammar and syntax has improved greatly with each chapter, and I can tell you put a lot of effort into it. I never thought of Fresme as a viable thing/ship, but I like how you’ve given Claude some humanity and not just made him a soulless wretch like the Disney movie did. The musical he is even more complex, but given Madellaine is in this story (who I love BTW, and have written 2 stories with her in them. Not many people like her and I can’t understand why. I think she’s the absolute cutest and the perfect match for Quasi) elements of the movie are clearly involved, so that’s the Frollo I hear in my head when I read your depiction of him. I am intrigued and look forward to see where his situation with Esmeralda goes now that he lost four toes lol, and of course QuasiMadellaine are too adorable and just the cutest couple, so I look forward to her becoming a bit closer to him and her learning to see him as a man and not just some creature. I look forward to reading more, hopefully you still have a few more chapters to go! Can’t wait!
6/12/2019 c12 Guest
Awesome story! I hope to read more one day
12/21/2018 c12 Guest
I absolutely love how this story is going! Can't wait for an update!
10/28/2018 c12 Anon
I love the story so far! I've been a big fan of the HOND sequel despite many hating it. I thought Madellaine was a good match for Quasi, so it's great to see a fresh take on everyone's stories and interactions.

I look forward to reading more and I hope you will continue with more chapters! :)
10/21/2018 c1 megumisakura
Great first chapter!
9/29/2018 c1 Neatcinbun
Ok, this story is cute but I have to say that I think your characters should be much more in character. I can't see frollo talking to esme the way he does in your story, he would have far less patience with her and would be much more reserved in telling her his feelings because he's so conflicted by them.

And quasi needs to come across much, much more timid than he does, especially infront of Madeline and esme seeing as he'd never talked to a girl before!

It's important to have your characters being as authentic as possible, otherwise it just takes the readers too much out of the story and dampens the value of it.

A little constructive criticism never hurt anyone right!
9/26/2018 c12 4villains-doitbetter
Welcome back! :D It's nice to see that the fandom is still alive in some. (Sorry, I've been meaning to write up a review but got sidetracked like crazy!)
It's nice to see how Quasimodo and Madellaine's relationship is growing as she's learning to see him as a person instead of some creature.
I'm always ready for some Fresme drama! And of course it only takes a small clash of egos to bring Esmeralda and Frollo back locking horns, so that'll be interesting to see if they can find their balance again.
Let me say Godspeed with your school life, and I hope you'll jump into some more updates!
9/18/2018 c12 2LeslieTheSorceress
Yes yes YES! I'm so happy that this chapter was posted, I was going through Monster Lines withdrawals (yes, it's a real term, I'm coining it). I know that it's been awhile since you've updated, and I can definitely tell that your writing has improved with time! Your grammar has gotten a lot more polished and the overall structure of this chapter is neater and cleaner than the last eleven, which made the shifts in point of view a lot easier to follow. Nicely done!

Ah, Frollo. A once-lusty man acting completely distant from his squeeze in public... I know the feeling all too well. Of course, Frollo has a lot to hide- should the public learn that he's pining after a member of the race that he's seeking to destroy, he'll be the laughing stock of Paris... And it would make for an incredibly interesting read. Hmm... I wonder if that's an upcoming plot point. :)

And, of course, Madellaine and Quasimodo are the absolute cutest- especially the part where Quasi offered her his arm! That was a really sweet touch. I never particularly liked Madellaine until reading your interpretation of her- you've totally humanized her for me! Also, Madellaine seeing Quasi shirtless twice in a two-day span? Does she know how many fangirls would KILL to be in her position? Lucky, lucky girl.

As for Esmeralda and Phoebus? I didn't start liking them in the context of this fanfic until now. "The light that she so desperately needed seemed to be right in front of her..." This entire fanfic, I've felt as though Esmeralda were missing a piece, and all the signs are pointing to that piece being Phoebus. That's certainly going to cause a LOT of tension between Frollo and his captain of the guard, and I can't wait to see how it all plays out.

Also, Frollo's last line: "And yet, she did..." WOW. Such simple diction, but it holds so much weight and feels like a punch to the gut. It really represents the frustrating simplicity of Esmeralda's undoing of Frollo's heavy, complex core values. I love it, I love it, I love it.

Amazing job! I can't wait to see the progression of all of the jaw-splitting tension. And, if there's one thing that I've learned as a music major, it's that ALL TENSION MUST BE RESOLVED ;)

Until next time!

9/18/2018 c12 Embez002
Welcome back! And congrats on starting grad school! I'm getting an MA, so I know how time consuming college, at any level, can be. I'm glad I kept this story bookmarked for exactly this kind of event!
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