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8/4/2015 c1 24ograndebatata
An interesting oneshot for sure.

As I never read the original novel, I don't know exactly what it is you are drawing from it, but I didn't enjoy this any less because of it.

The writing was very good, the extra factual tidbits provided in it were very interesting to read, and the look into Henry Wu's mind was quite well done, as he came across across as true to his more expanded self in Jurassic World. One notable moment was his displeasure at being unable to publish the discoveries he made, but the others also seemed, in my opinion, well achieved.

I'm surprised he survived an encounter with the 'big girl', though - but if Lex and Tim could do so (even if it was with the help of a conveniently placed freezer) then it's plausible for Wu to have done the same.

If I had to name any disappointment in regards to this oneshot, it would be that we got such a brief mention of the Indominus rexes. Given all the problems both of them brought about in the film, it would be nice to see more of Wu's thoughts on them.

But even with that, it was a very good oneshot. Congratulations!

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