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5/16 c13 Hamilton
Well, that was rather disturbing to read .
I tend to move away from darkHarry! fics, don’t really like those, but this one was intriguing enough (and not totally dark dark I guess, more like dark grey out of despair), not to mention well written, that I am still interested to want to know where it is going. From a few of your ANs, I understand you tend to update these once every 12-18 months, so I guess we’re in for a new chapter soon ?
5/3 c1 Elly
Reviewing on chapter one for the whole story - im disappointed by this, I think because the corruption story is always more fun than the redemption story and I fucking hate Hermione as a character especially in this when she has future knowledge to crank her always right up to 9000. I wish he woulda come back with Ron instead. (Obv Ron wouldn't be a traitor maybe Neville could have had that role) Ron is tragically underrated in hp fanfic I think this would have been a way better story that way. Ron&Harry would be able to work together without weird romantic subtext and he's not a bossy bitch. Sorry just this story had so much potential but it was poisoned by one character. I even like how you did Dumbledore! Which is rare! But Hermione is awful even in canon and she's worse here
5/3 c6 Elly
"Besides, maybe getting Vulpine to open up and realise what he had done would make him realise his mistakes and return truly to the side of Light."

Why are you setting up for "redemption" literally no one wants that. Gross. Too bad because this is decently written. But no action, it's just a romance fic dressed up with some time travel.
5/3 c4 Elly
So far lots of telling that Harry is ruthless etc but no showing. He's being a pushover etc but thank you at least for not forcing him into an unbreakable vow. I've seen that too often and it never ends up mattering other than making me anxious.

The reveal was pretty lame too, he was holding the idiot ball for that one.
4/1/2021 c13 18stevem1
This is a brilliant concept. The characters of Harry (Vulpine) and Hermione are fairly well realized. The main plot seems coherent but there are some strands which are very confused.

4/1/2021 c10 stevem1
Why all the games to get Pettigrew? Everyone in the room knew the truth except for Ron.
4/1/2021 c6 stevem1
This is a great concept. But they are literally telling everyone that they are time travelers. Where is the sense in that?
2/25/2021 c11 BBryant
"Vulpine gritted his teeth, but let the man go: they couldn't catch him without having to answer many awkward questions."

Just when I thought they couldn't get dumber, smh. Just capture him and hold him prisoner until you come up with a good story. It is insane how absolutely stupid literally every single person in this fic has become. They zero common sense. Hell, maybe less than that.
2/25/2021 c10 BBryant
I've been enjoying this fiction, but I'm really wondering who they're putting this show on for. It's literally only Ron who doesn't know that they are time travelers. Why not just stun Peter, make up some bs story for Ron and hand him over the the aurors?

And what was Hermione's purpose for leaving the map with Lupin? All it does is raise the chance that a werewolf attacks them - which they seem to have no plan for.

All of this could have been resolved in a couple hours way back when they Vulpine was first revealed. None of it makes any sense.
10/15/2020 c13 13NonsensicalRants
Excellent to see another chapter. And a much funner change of pace than the usual fair. I do believe you let the Dursleys off too easily. Plenty of cursed objects in Grimmauld place you could have surgically implanted inside of the Mr and Mrs after sending them unconscious. Or placing them inside of heirlooms or valuables with a bit of transfiguration.

I spotted two spelling mistakes.

"It stills startles me" - It still startles me.

"let your of godfather get some action in!" - Did you mean "old" godfather?

I look forward to the next one
10/14/2020 c13 Iamaduvallyahoo
Nice story keep it going
10/12/2020 c13 Spacestrider
Ah I feel your pain. Harry Potter fanfiction doesn't have the same grip it once did on me. However that is why I love this story so much. It's so different than most. Hope you update soon.
10/12/2020 c2 5jr3carr
This has lots of potential. You should try breaking up your writing into smaller paragraphs
10/11/2020 c13 2Diaspared
Well, this chapter ruled.
10/11/2020 c13 2Thundramon
Woohoo, Thanks for updating!

Vulpine is as awesome as ever, he is definitely going soft though, I get the feeling that if Vulpine was still in the old timeline and came up on the Dursleys, things would have been much more bloody. But like every other time traveller, he probably sees his return to the past as a fresh start.

I still don't like Hermione but your efforts to portray her more sympathetically this chapter are definitely working. Earlier, both she and Dumbledore came off as smug and self-righteous, now they seem more like they are being forced to take hard choices.
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