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for The Girl Next Door

5/2 c6 2Sad Francisco
commenting for encouragement! love the story :)
3/18 c6 Guest
Argh, Please finish this story!
1/12 c5 Guest
I just found and love this story. I hope you update but even if you don't, I'm glad I read it
10/25/2020 c6 3Arf128
Omg why don’t you finish these kinds of stories! They’re sooooo good pls update soon
9/11/2020 c6 Guest
9/7/2020 c6 imnotcoolyet
Re read this story and love it! Miss it as well!
10/23/2019 c6 gator2076
I hope you update soon.
6/20/2019 c1 snixxanator
Please continue this!
5/28/2019 c6 jenn3042
I wish you would come back to this :(
10/2/2018 c6 SN1234
Great chapter! Really hope you continue this story.
7/23/2018 c6 brittsany
Loveee this story ... I hope you keep writing.
7/10/2018 c6 debrinab
Great chapter! It was long, but it was well worth it! I can’t wait for the next update!
6/29/2018 c6 NayHeMoAppreciation
Yeaah glad to see you back! Can't wait for the next chapters
6/21/2018 c2 AB20
This is so GOOD
6/18/2018 c6 Guest
Awesome story! I would love to see it continued!
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