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for The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Malina's Tale

11/20/2018 c15 Omar Garcia Jr
This new love with the fan fiction character will certainly change things for the sequel I wonder you know if it weren't for the fan fiction character the main character wouldn't probably have love until the sequel but don't worry things will be just as good
11/20/2018 c14 Omar Garcia Jr
This vision with some sort of limbo and don't you worry with that cruel man gone the gypsies will not be harmed anymore our FanFiction character will protect the hunchback just as Esmeralda did
11/20/2018 c13 Omar Garcia Jr
The young girl will live no matter how bad the injury might be wait and see
11/20/2018 c12 Omar Garcia Jr
Judge Claude Frollo has been defeated now only the gypsies and the Hunchback remain as well as the Gargoyles now Paris is free from his Reign of Terror
11/20/2018 c11 Omar Garcia Jr
Not a bad title if only if they had a real life sequel but they do have a remake of the original film by the way this eviler person is someone they're familiar with
11/20/2018 c10 Omar Garcia Jr
They may be out cold but they are not dead yet one way or another the nightmare will soon be over Malina's brother Casamir he lives and he will do anything to protect his sister
11/20/2018 c9 Omar Garcia Jr
Hope is not lost yet they will stop him and make sure that Paris is restored one way or another
11/20/2018 c8 Omar Garcia Jr
Anyone would think that it would be a hard knock life for our fan fiction character as for the hunchback he did not realize that the Gypsy had feelings for the ex-soldier but don't worry they are still friends and they'll be battling against the forces of the dark side in the form of the judge they have to protect Phoebus
11/19/2018 c7 Omar Garcia Jr
I'm betting on it the sky is painted crimson and gold a sure sign that a few murder is going to become a big thing that Soldier would not kill Innocents seriously killing Innocents! Now Frollo has gone too far! He should be the one to be punished not the gypsies! While our Gypsy friends take the soldier to Notre Dame I don't think they can let Frollo get away with this! I think someone needs to teach that Frollo a Lesson!
11/19/2018 c6 Omar Garcia Jr
Once the Hunchback is free from the cruel man's hold he'll seek Sanctuary with the gypsies as I have said before the fan fiction character here Malina she's not bad she's almost speaking the same way as a modern worlder not to mention I don't recall seeing the Eiffel Tower in this time this was way before it was built not to mention Notre Dame is still around today I've never exactly visited France especially Paris they not only call it the city of love but the City of Lights as well because it always lights at night it's not much like New York but it's home for the Parisians they could even spend a new life after Frollo is defeated
11/19/2018 c5 Omar Garcia Jr
Just wait till you see the two when they meet up with the Hunchback in his Tower you know they can't be kept forever they are right and Frollo he's going to get what he deserves one way or another as for Phoebus he's going to be having a lot more fun soon with Esmeralda I'm surprised she would even think of swearing in a church bad idea luckily she hadn't did you notice that Malina seems to speak a little bit 100 years ahead of time like using the term man like a modern welder
11/18/2018 c4 Omar Garcia Jr
If a friend of mine was humiliated by some cruel heartless monster I would do and say the same thing and so would my supervisors don't worry Miss Zamas and Miss Cruise are nothing like Frollo they are supervisors at a work program not judges and they are especially not villainous they would never do such heinous things sure they may be a little short fused but that doesn't make them bad it just makes them who they are and I've learned to live with that
11/18/2018 c3 Omar Garcia Jr
Sure did I was even listening to the original version and I pictured myself listening to the fanfiction version of the rhythm of the tambourine I'm surprised they even used Spears as poles it's like an early version of pole dancers but without the stripping not to mention Quasimodo's face wasn't even a mask it was for real the bell ringer he's not bad literally he's not a bad guy but you'll see who is the true bad guy later seriously you never see much of a gypsy girl being all seductive but one thing is certain they'll be expecting a lot more from the bell ringer like the living gargoyles in his Tower one of them was offended by the phrase gargoyle's wig wait till you see them
11/18/2018 c2 Omar Garcia Jr
You know I'm starting to wonder if Malina here has a French accent one thing is certain I don't believe in that hole all gypsies are evil b******* especially from a soldier seriously those guys wouldn't tell a good gypsy from a bad one saying all gypsies are bad is like saying dinosaurs are all lizards nerve of those soldiers seriously I'll bet our fan fiction character here will give Old Judge Claude Frollo a good piece of her mind
11/18/2018 c1 Omar Garcia Jr
A wise choice rewriting the story with another gypsy it looks like Esmeralda has a sister of her own Malina and wait till they meet Quasimoto
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