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1/16/2020 c7 20Lennox13
This was amazing! Woah! I'm in shock and awe and I want more. This is epic and should be a book on its own. I would read this. I would freakin buy this. Gosh. Wow. Wow. Amazing.
1/16/2020 c6 Lennox13
I: Holy effing sherbet! I mean I was reading with trepidation after ch 4 & 5, but I swear my heart stuttered at the ending of I. Like, wow. Unexpected, much? I'm still in shock. So just a second and then I'll go on, but where is this going and will it get better? In an emotional/psychological way - not writing way since your writing is pretty much flawless.

iii: So, reincarnation? But why?
ZK2: Woah, that's some lovely lore right there! And great descriptions. And what that end? And wow.

ivZK2: Holy. What? My word, my stomach. I don't know how much more I can take? Wow, what is happening? I am terrified. And that description!? Holy.

V: The last paragraph was gorgeous. In a terrifyingly morbid way. Who did you channel for this chapter? Because the writing style is so unlike the previous 5. It's amazing though. It hurts though. Imma continue reading it.

Vi: Okay, I am so confuddled? When did he have a change of heart? Is it still the same soldier? Beautiful though. Why is this so mesmerising? Why? It's sad and painful, but I ... really like it? Like is such a strange word for this. Maybe fascinated is better. Gorgeous writing. And I really hope he is changing for the better.

Vii: What? Tikaani is Katara, too? Or am I just confused? Wait, what? Why? Oh goodness.

Viii: Who this?

ix: This is beyond cruel. And is she basically jumping into other bodies now? Like possession?

x: Okay, okay, we're good. I think. So Katara hadn't possessed Buniq, though? RIght? How would she identify the coat? Buniq wasn't one of her lives, just to clarify. Because she watched her die in iv, as Nilak. And why would Kohaku kill his own daughter? Why did he kill Katara in the first place?

Despite my questions and confusion, it's still very well written and creative. I enjoyed reading although it was hard to keep track of everyone and everything. That's why I hope my misunderstandings are just misinterpretations. But either way, you should definitely be proud of this. The writing is so stirring and yeah, wow.
1/16/2020 c4 Lennox13
11/2/2019 c1 amaryllis529
This is literally the most beautiful thing I've ever read
7/24/2017 c7 call us crazy
so much angst aargh
7/24/2017 c6 call us crazy
i haven't liked all of the other ones, but this was really lovely. and strange, and totally unique.
8/21/2016 c7 Guest
I like the 5th and the 7th best
5/28/2016 c7 8Ahnnxah
These are fantastic, and I love all of them.
12/17/2015 c7 Guest
I saw your note about reviews and I know how uplifting someone else's words can be even if it's some anon. Personally, I really enjoyed the entirety of this series of short stories. They were all interesting and original concepts for the already saturated market of zutara stories. So, bravo. It pained me to read most them, but in only a way that good storytelling can. Even though no one is actually aware of creating a style most of the time, I like yours. It's got enough imagery to create a believable world to immerse yourself in while maintaining an easy eloquence. I hope you keep writing! :)
7/26/2015 c7 10kateflowrchild13
These are all wonderful. The last one is my favorite. Great job!
7/26/2015 c6 2gh0stwriter
The whole series was incredible. The last one was simply epic. Beautiful. Thank you.
7/26/2015 c6 teacupdestiny
Wow you blew my mind. Lots of death but fascinating
7/25/2015 c4 Guest
You monster. Why? Who hurt you? And youre sich a good writer! It kills me. And then im like: my precioussssssss. And I keep coming back for more. Your a sadist and im a masochist. It just works. Keep writing devastating fics plz
7/25/2015 c6 Guest
This: I love this. And it didnt rip my soul out! So yay! But reincarnation is one of my favorite concepts and it just flowed so well. And then just you made it like everything was planned out that happened in yhe show and yesyesyesYES
7/24/2015 c5 14teacupdestiny
As that was cute :)
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