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6/21/2017 c8 AnneNGil
This is one of the best letters I've ever read! It is so real. I love that you've captured these thoughts so eloquently. He is a poet! ... And mow I can't wait to read Anne's response!
6/19/2017 c6 AnneNGil
I am loving these! It's so great to see these two in love!
6/19/2017 c5 AnneNGil
Pocket knife Christmas! I love it! Made me chuckle out loud!
6/19/2017 c2 AnneNGil
I love this! I can't wait to read them all.!
3/14/2017 c1 4bluebell11
I love this! So well-written and satisfying already! I really wished the author had left the "love letters" in Windy Poplars instead of omitting them, and now I get what I want to read :)
9/5/2016 c11 aidni
so beautiful it hurts x
8/24/2016 c12 Guest
I've just re-read this, as I needed to re-aquaint myself before reading the updates on the final WWLove Letters, and it is completely, utterly, delightful. I love getting to know Anne and Gilbert separately and together better. I always felt the books skimmed the adult Anne and Gil (likely due to her publishers and their nonsensical idea that readers didn't want Anne to grow up), and this young adult version of them goes along way to understanding them better as they become a cornerstone of the Four Winds community in the future. Thank you.
7/22/2016 c12 9AngelRose7
A wonderful story; such love (yours for them & theirs for each other) that it pours out of the screen, great work
4/13/2016 c12 7wishwars
I shall be short and sweet: stunning. I could feel the characters in every line and it was wonderful. Thank you.
12/14/2015 c12 Anonymous
Your works have truly rekindled my love for Anne. The writing itself isn't too bad either ;) The Letters are so true to the characters of Anne and Gilbert! It makes me feel as if I know them in the flesh. Anyways, it seems you haven't written in a while. This is not to nag, but I'm experiencing serious Anne withdrawal!
Best wishes,
12/4/2015 c12 2RevanOrdo7567
I have loved reading this fic. I have always been so curious about those letters written with just the right pen and you've made them so perfect. I feel like you've given us a much greater insight into Gilbert's character than even LMM was able to. I can't wait to read more
letters. The only thing I'm puzzled about it why the story is titled Windy Willows letters and why all of Anne's letters are marked Windy Willows when Anne lived at Windy Poplars. Why did you decide to change the name?
11/11/2015 c6 3YorkshireTeaDrinker
So much to love here:

"What the wind brings the sea takes away". Pup's prose in response to Gilbert's flight's in poetry, turned into poetry again by Anne.

Anne's explanation of how she thought she felt at convocation. It explains so much, how Anne could continue to not quite know how she felt about Gilbert, whilst feeling it all along. Knowing it was wrong, yet not knowing how to right it. The mixture of pride and pique and disappointment.

The hint about the copper bath... and Gilbert's masterly response. Wonderful.
11/11/2015 c4 YorkshireTeaDrinker
I don’t want to over analyse this, it’s too lovely a whole to deconstruct. But what I especially love is that Anne has the confidence to tell Gilbert about what she felt for Roy and knows her boy well enough to imagine his response when reading that. Her description about when she knew she loved Gilbert, and the observation that “the one person so intricately bound up in that question is the only one to have never asked me,” had me nodding recognition and grinning with pleasure, particularly the line “Rachel still hasn't received a straight answer (though she will keep prodding.)” which is the busy Mrs Lynde to a t.

Best line: “I am coming to realise he is a much stranger, more poetical, more unpredictable man than that.” He is. LMM only gave fleeting glimpses of the Gilbert Anne came to know. Thank you kwak for showing us much more.
11/11/2015 c3 VickyP16
It’s many many weeks after the glorious event but, having finally got a couple of stuck chapters out into the world, I can allow myself some time to wallow again in the loveliness of Anne and Gilbert’s Windy Willows correspondence, and finally drop in a review (or two).

Firstly, what a treat it was to check my email, that day in September, and see the glorious announcement of a new chapter from K-with-a-K; then another, and another and another! The whole story in one go. What a gift!

Well I devoured it greedily and swiftly (on my phone – not good for my poor, overworked eyes), at tea time (not good for my poor, under-fed daughter). And since then have been popping back intermittently for an extra fix.

So what did I especially love in the first instalment of all this kwak largesse?
1.“I have the appetites of a seventeen year old boy. All of them.” Oh my. My inky imaginings are drifting on the same direction as Anne’s after that line.
the second: “It was supposed to be a love letter.” And it was Gilbert. But his diffidence rings very true.
3.“It doesn't seem possible that Anne Shirley wrote it, that she wrote it for me.” See point 2.
4.“you mean more to me than a girl I want to kiss.” And that’s the reason for the three year wait, with all the tension and dramatic opportunity it entails.
5.“If I can't have you, Chinook-girl, send me the wind.” That line is redolent with longing and pathos and shows just how entirely lovely our Gilbert is. The way he is tentatively exposing his weakness to Anne is beautifully explored. They do need to come to terms with their new reality and reframe their history. Maybe Maud’s, seemingly heartless, three year separation was the right thing to do after all?
10/9/2015 c12 1randomlazyperson

i marathon-ed your RD and now this... all i could say is MORE! Really, you write beautifully, you made these characters more than alive. They all felt real, that they're real people and that we're snooping their letters. If a guy like that wrote things like that to me.. wow, well, i will be stunned as well that such person could love me as much. haha.

Anyway, please update. i read all of your works, and i am a big fan of AoGG, oh yeah, there's this series on modern adaptation of AoGG, you know Green Gables Fables? I think their second season was about Anne of the Island. :)

i wish that they could publish this as a companion novel to Anne of the Island and now Windy Willows, because we could understand their characters so much more, and we could understand why they did things that otherwise doesn't really make any sense at all.

ahem, okay, keep up the good work! :D
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