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9/20/2015 c12 Guest
Book while adding new and vital bits that somehow fit perfectly... You make the stories fuller... And its wonderful to see somebody so dedicated to doing that. I find myself quoting your lines, writing them down and coming back to read them again and again. You're witty, sophisticated, you seem to know what you're doing, you're poignant and you're REAL! Write more if you can... It would be amazing for me and the people who seem to love you as much as I do.
And have you ever considered writing something of your own? It would get published and I'd buy it... I think you should...
9/20/2015 c12 Guest
Dear Katherine-with-a-K...
Will you be writing more?
I just want to say I live your writing... Other people have written fanfiction and many have done a tremendous job of it... But you are the only, I repeat, the ONLY fanfiction author I have come across who has managed to retain the essence of the characters and the boo
9/11/2015 c12 Halinah
I loved these Love Letters! Fantastic that you managed to show the progression in their epistolary relationship from those first, cute and awkward letters to all that /buthtub/naked under covers/want you so much I have to go for a run in snow/ amazingness. And it's so cool there will be part two and three! I can hardly wait! So good to know your hand is ok, thank you so much for giving us all that 10 chapters goodness in one go.
9/11/2015 c12 Maud Fan
(I strongly recommend coffee for a DIY body scrub. As good, if not better, as salt, and that smell!)

Perfect ending to a perfect story. I'm extatic that you're going to continue this fanfic. Can't wait to read it on all its T rated glory!

Lovely, lovely style that gets better and better with each story.
9/4/2015 c12 7Formerly known as J
Well things are certainly hotting up for their summer together, kwak! Once again, I never suspected that Maud's very innocent 'and so...' ended with 'I decided to write this letter in the bath.' Between that, Anne sleeping with the doughnut cushion in her bed, all that pent up angst after not getting to see each other at Christmas, AND Anne writing letters to him while she's naked in bed 'silking' all over her sheets - ay carumba! Not to mention 'and if I burn I burn'. Talk about tick tock.

I can't believe they haven't seen each other once during that entire first year. And I adored Gilbert for telling her about his fifteen roses at Christmas, imagining her consolatory kiss after they were beaten at the rowing and then describing how her letters have been a gift to him. But I think perhaps 'fire and dew' was my favourite thing about this chapter. But no, you know that's not my *absolute* favourite. You know my favourite was really 'Anne-girl' and the genius that is katherine-with-a-k coming up with the perfect way for Gilbert to describe her to The Fox.

I don't think these letters could have been any better if you tried (or had any input from your readers, kwak). Because how can you improve on perfection and Genius K? I am so excited to think about where you are going to take them in the next two years, and you know I won't need too much encouragement to get a bit hysterical about it. Thank you so much for these letters, K. I love them. And when I say love, I mean FKAJ Avalanche Love. :)
9/4/2015 c11 Formerly known as J
Kwak, I'm loving how effortlessly you're adding these letters in to Maud's original writing. In this chapter with your delicious little 'P.S. 3' and Anne's letter with the tiny writing. I'm enjoying their 'inside' correspondences so much (hopefully Rebecca Dew doesn't cotton on!). I'm glad Anne is finally starting to tell him about her 'odd little childhood' and how she was brought to her knees begging death to come when she thought he was dying, realising now that there could be no Anne she recognised without him. But what really got me was her list of all the times he'd reached out for her and 'how many chances had I been given?' and then 'I wished it were enough that you lived' but it wasn't.

It was so perfect that Gilbert knew that they were Anne's words being quoted in Phil's letter, and how much harder he knew it was for her without loving parents supporting her all the way like he'd had. But I was so sad that he still felt ashamed that the first thing he'd said to her was 'carrots' and even now beating himself up for it. It made me think of when he wrote something like 'how little I know of suffering' in his diaries when he was in the depths of his despair and self-loathing (when I was equally teary for him). Little Elizabeth may well need a lot of slates to fend off her henhouse roosters, but could any of them be as gorgeous as Gilbert Blythe, I ask you?
9/4/2015 c10 Formerly known as J
Oh, K, it was just perfect that Gilbert bought her a new chain for the pendant on her birthday 'which I like to imagine is now nestled around your neck' - have I mentioned before how adorable he is? Then confessing that he doesn't always know how to love her back, and how scared he is of getting it wrong, I can totes understand his confusion and uncertainty after so many years of wrongness going on.

What I'm loving most about these letters is how much sense they make of Anne & Gilbert. I loved that when Gilbert knew she needed him, his ambition meant nothing and he would have sacrificed it all for her; and even though 'ambition burns in me just as it burns in you' he felt 'serenely happy' to do it. And I loved him for telling her about when he was sick and hearing her say 'don't go' again reminded him of how hard he fought to live.

Gilbert makes me tear up with his version of 'the story of us'. Starting with him sitting on the porch staring at the stars 'as though I'd never seen them before' and naturally his gorgeous mother just happened to be ironing his best shirt for him the next morning. And what about Fred Wright calling Gilbert a dope and declaring Anne's 'not the wifely sort' and knowing all about everyone that Anne had already refused (good work, Diana)? Even so, I was shocked and amazed by their punch up in the barn but perhaps not as much as Fred when he saw Anne rush over to Gilbert and brushing the straw from his hair while calling him her 'family'. No wonder Gilbert had her pressed up against the chimney after that!
9/4/2015 c9 Formerly known as J
I'm so glad she told him not to be sorry about *that* letter. Ooohh, now Anne's letter the second! I so loved reading Anne's account of the week after he proposed and I was very taken with the idea of her waking up, looking out her window (in her nightclothes!) and seeing Gilbert slouching on the stump of the old Snow Queen. I just have to take another moment to see that with her... mmmm, yummy... Aaaand I'm back. Like Anne, I did mourn the loss of that beautiful tree and his opportunity to climb up to her room. I also loved Davy hilariously wanting to know why Gilbert was there so early in his Sunday best and then reassuring Anne she didn't have to marry him when she started crying. Then advising her to 'stop bawling' in case Gilbert took it back - hehehe.

For some reason, I especially liked the photograph of Gilbert at graduation 'looking elated', his mother's wink and Gilbert's father missing hearing their squabbling was so cute. Of course Diana already knew (didn't she always?) and Mrs Lynde insisting that they be congratulated by everyone at church was golden. You know I was smiling at the picnic with that blue waistcoat and tartan rug in attendance, k. Ooohh la la. But with 'don't go' and the dream of the little white cottage behind the Harris place you made me hope perversely once again for some sort of AU plot where all that could happen. And the babies, all those babies. How much they love them. Sob.
9/4/2015 c8 Formerly known as J
Burning and fearless all right, kwak! Hooly doolies, I loved Gilbert's 'candid' description of his week, starting with spending his Sundays with her as he walks around Kingsport. And remembering winding up at the gate with her every Sunday night when they were teaching. Sigh. Then how everything reminds him of her. Tuesday remembering them steaming up the window in the carriage with Anne's hip pressed against him, Wednesday down to his shirtsleeves (you know I can see them straining, K!) and letting the cold gusts pour over him, Thursday irises in anatomy would of course suggest Anne to him. Ooohh, so he's hungry on Fridays? But Saturdays with 'nothing to rush home for' just about broke my heart, K. No wonder he had to run a very long way after catching The Fox and Miss Swales in their room.

I was absolutely breathless at how much wanting his letter conveyed and I can't tell you how glad I am that he didn't just copy out a poem, kwak! I can't believe that boy thinks he's not poetical. Because who wouldn't be blushing and panting and wanting right back after receiving such an intense letter? And then 'I'll wait, I'm good at it' - gah!
9/3/2015 c12 LizDexic
Hooray for the triumphant return of Kwak! And what a triumph it was! The muse was strong with you my friend. 10 chapters whoa!
May I simply comment that not only are you flawless to Maud's own canon, but your own canon ( 'a la RD, and please tell me, little fires, untie the know and the unexpected guest get worked in somewhere too?) but also to the wealth of fantastic Aogg fanfics out there. Truly an accomplishment, and one I wanted to make sure you know we appreciate. Don't know if you've caught on, but you have a little fAnne-girl following yourself too.
So the letters, ah the letters. So achingly sweet and intentional. Through your writing I've come to realize that it is really in the letters where they begin to build their romance on the foundations of the friendship of year ago and in the awful wake of what could have been 'if only'. Though a long time admirer of A&G I've never put so much thought into what it must have been like for them. This is a whole new world.
How is Gilbert so forgiving and patient and so full of 'cocksure swagger'? How is he able to let Roy go, 'all questions answered'? Have the guards he put up in his heart Anne-ward really crumbled? Is there not somewhere, some small bit of insecurity and mistrust in regard to Anne and the swiftness with which their betrothal took place after so many years of misunderstanding and unfulfilled dreams? Perhaps this is year 2 or 3 material, but I just couldn't help reading this unanswered question through the lovely, foggy mist of all the falling in love.
- Crew is a fantastic alternative to push-ups!
- "It was me you ruined, not apple trees" was a catch my breath line for me.
- Love the engagement week overview from both parties involved
- Stealing Christmas was a dirty trick to Anne and Gilbert, but without the missed holiday we wouldn't have had Gil's melancholy, brooding, and entirely too hot for my laptop, letter in response, so thank you!
-Excellent catch on the Evelyn Hope quote. Silly Maud. I adore the Brownings, fantastic writers and another swoon worthy couple.
Oh and I especially love the story pic. Pen nubs Perfect!
9/3/2015 c7 Formerly known as J
I was laughing in spite of myself at the words Jen Pringle had used to describe Anne in the 'Important Notes' section. No wonder 'hot drowsy remembrances' were beyond her at that moment. I reckon Gilbert will really be ticking and tocking if Anne decided to tell him more about her moments in the bathtub, so probably just as well to leave that for now. I seem to recall I got somewhat hot & bothered at the time myself.

I'm also shocked and intrigued by Mr Blythe being hauled in front of the board at White Sands not just once, but 5 or 6 times?! Was that all Miss Stacey's influence? Or maybe just because all the girls must have been crushing on him and their parents were complaining..? And I loved that he is picturing Little Elizabeth as a young Anne. He is an adorable softy, isn't he?

But then - aaargh! Nooooo! Disaster! After all that build up, to be disappointed like that. It's too cruel, and not just for Anne & Gilbert. I think I was just as devvo'ed as either of them were. Maybe more. The thought of Gilbert waiting for her and then picturing her in that dress was just heartbreaking, kwak. But I am so glad that now she finally knows why he went to Patty's Place that day. Hooray!
9/3/2015 c6 Formerly known as J
Yaay! Anne has started to write again! The story of 'Iona' - I loved that Anne was wondering about Gilbert's great-grandmother's story, fearlessly moving to a new country as a young bride. And I couldn't help but think of Aunt Mary Maria and wondering if Anne was having some kind of premonition about her when she said she never wanted to be called Annie!

Anne would be blushing as she recalled Convocation, trying to answer Gilbert's questions and explain it all to him. I'm glad she realised that it was *their* dream gone wrong, and that was why she felt compelled to wear the lilies. I loved her description of the contrast between how she felt when there was talk of her engagement to Roy and the 'violent sensation' she felt - fearing the buttons on her shirtwaist would burst - at the 'merest mention' of Gilbert. Then how everything went so wrong when Phil told her of his engagement to Christine - feeling as if her heart was ripped from her breast echoed by how violently she had ripped that necklace off her neck. Shivers.

No wonder he sent her those pen nibs - a whole gross of them! Because I'm quite sure he would want to know more about those copper bath contemplations.
9/3/2015 c5 Formerly known as J
Having already read the subsequent chapters of this story, it hurts to read of his anticipation at seeing her at Christmas. And you know I just adore Gilbert, with his eye for 'interesting, out of the ordinary things' - isn't he divine? Fancy Ada Corke chucking out his poem jars; is it wrong that now I've gone off her a bit, even though I know she was already having to battle Gilbert's mother about his care at that harrowing time - keeping him hot/cold, etc.

I laughed hard that The Fox entertaining Miss Swales meaning Gilbert didn't have access to the room that night. I am very much looking forward to Anne meeting him, as apparently The Fox is himself, wanting to know exactly what sort of girl would bring 'Coop' to his knees. Makes me wonder what sort of girl would bring The Fox to his knees...

I did enjoy the picture of Gilbert lying in bed writing to her ('What a nice excuse to lie back and think of you some more' - Phwoar!). I also loved his family history: how those Scottish Blythe crofters had looked after each other at Allwinds since the beginning of the century; Gilbert inheriting his pioneering spirit from his great-grandfather; the raids in Alberta when his father was sick; the reasons why the Blythes had no money to send him to college. And you know I loved that his mother knew he was 'made to seek out unknowns' (like Anne Shirley mayhaps?).

Geek out. :)
9/3/2015 c4 Formerly known as J
I'm loving that she wants sticky mess now after all those 'carefully composed missives', although I do also like the idea of reading Roy's memoirs sometime...and then Anne's description of her relationship with Roy as two dimensional was just the perfect way of showing how she understands now that she was really missing someone. Wow. Yeah baby.

Of course everyone has been questioning Anne about when she knew he was 'more than a chum' to her (I most certainly would be, too!), although Gilbert hasn't asked. Moreover, that she is captivated by his brilliance, avoiding saying anything to Rachel Lynde, confessing the reason why Marilla loves him and that Diana knew all along (well of course she knew). And let's face it, doesn't love always come at 3 o'clock on a Saturday afternoon? I absolutely loved that it was his fascinating 'poem' in his room that really did it, plus the fact that his room was wonderfully silent, which really must have helped. And heavenly lone iris surely had an impact...?

And 'Chinook-girl'? Naaawww.
9/3/2015 c3 Formerly known as J
Huzzah! TWWLL chapter inundation! Who could ask for anything more? Never fear, kwakster, I have been reading these new chapters over and over and grinning like an idiot at various inappropriate locales ever since you posted them over the weekend - at the airport, at 11 yr old birthday parties, on the bus, on the plane, walking around the mall. I am beside myself, and back at home to review now since this is my first available opportunity. Look at you, with your sneaky chapter three update, too - I nearly missed it.

Lucky I didn't miss it, or I would have missed imagining the look on Gilbert's face when he received that green scarf. Oooohhh, I'll bet his right hand didn't obey much after that! I must say, I do like the idea of him being on the rowing team - because I'm sure that augurs well for his shoulder muscles, and subsequent future images of them straining against his shirt (just like they did once before when he was climbing The Apple Tree). Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! And I laughed at Anne's 'cross' remarks about Gilbert's descriptions of others' 'flaming mops' as an indication of exactly how red he considers her hair - talk about prickly!

I'm glad Gilbert finally answered Anne's casual enquiries regarding Christine, even though Christine referred to her as 'guest'!? Haha! You make me laugh. And imagine how much Gilbert would have been loving showing off 'his girl' at that party? Thanks, too, for the update on Priss and the lovely Mr Mackin. He sounds like the kindred kind, methinks. As for The Fox nailing planks to Gilbert's tree and the 'decidedly unCorke-like' Miss Swales... well, you know I love him already.

Phew! Letter the second! I love that he still feels like it's a dream that Anne Shirley wrote that letter to him. And what about that plum stone - yowser, yowser, yowser! Meanwhile, 'the man with the yellow envelope' took my breath away with it's intensity. Didn't I just lap up every detail of how wrong he felt it for her to have to leave Green Gables all those years ago? Now I understand that she is his Chinook-girl and how that explains so much: Allwinds, Windy Willows, Four Winds. Somebody stop me! Kwak genius all the way. This chapter was well and truly worth the wait, babe.
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